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Community Midwife Team- some praise and positivity!!


So I have read a lot of blogs and questions on here which really criticise community midwives. Reading all the negativity can sure skew people's perceptions of the care they should expect. So decided to add a bit of positivity too!!

I am now 34 weeks and so far, have had nothing but great, consistent care from my community midwife. I first saw them at my GPs at 7 weeks, I think this was a bit early for them but the midwife was brilliant. She gave me my notes, completed paperwork, set the ball rolling in terms of getting me a scan date and talked us through the process. She was genuinely positive and happy for us, which was so nice- it made us feel so much more comfortable. She booked us in for 2 weeks later to get bloods done and sent us on our way :-)

Since then, I have only once had a different midwife, (the team leader) when ours was off- so lots of consistency. I got all my paperwork through, for scan date, etc a week after that first appointment too! I have had some issues too, I noticed that I was getting pelvic pain, and read up on it- it seemed like pelvic girdle pain. At my next appointment I explained to the midwife and she agreed and made a referral straight to the hospital physio department. I got a letter within the week and an appointment for the following one!

I have had to call the community office on one occassion at around 15 weeks as I had a small bleed, they referred me straight through to the early pregnancy unit, who got me in that day for a check up. I knew the cause of the bleed also, a swap from a nurse that morning to test for thrush, but they still wanted me to come in. Good actually as I am o- and so needed anti-d jab.

Since 24 weeks, the consistency of having the same midwife has really helped when bump was being measured. It was charting higher then was expected, so she gave it a couple of appointments and decided a decision for a referral would be made yesterday. I had my appointment at 9am, and bump was still creating it's own curve on my chart, higher than expected!! So there and then she called the hospital to refer me for a growth scan, and booked it in for the next available one, so I had a time and date straight away- no waite around for letters! She then spoke with a colleague on the hospital team and they decided a GTT test was needed too. So again she spoke to them, booked my appointment and gave me the details straight away! She still arranged to keep our next appointment too.

On top of this she has always been reassuring and honest, and does not ellicit worry or panic. I have met 2 of her colleagues, the team leader on one occasion and another midwife who ran our community 'parentcraft' classes. Both of whom were lovely also.

So far I can't fault the consistency, care, and understanding shown by my community midwife team, or hospital team.

So it definitely isn't always negative :-D

Hope your care is good,


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Ah thats great when you have got the care like that.

The midwife I had when I was expecting my first two was brilliant and only a phone call away and was very pro active with care. Unfortuantly she retired and the midwife that has replaced her is not a patch on my old midwife. I know I shouldn't compare but I do, everytime I want to ring her or have a problem she seems to always be on a 2 week holiday. I am just releived that she doesn't work in the hospital that I am having my baby delivered at as she is to faffy for me.

It is brilliant when you have got a midwife that is fully supportive as makes you feel very 'safe' if you know what I mean.


I agree there's definetely some very good & considerate midwifes out there, but i just cant help but think a good majority of midwifes, nurses & doctors (across the U.K) either become very complacent to thinking every pateient is simular in diagnosing or they are so pushed to the limit of over-worked & possibly under-payed that by the time they are with a patient they're passion is gone.

I like to think that if we had a chance to gather as much as the good, professional health care workers in one place (like a hospital or surgery) i would definetely cast my vote. :-)


ah! lucky you :) really happy to know that you have a good care. Sadly its not true for some of us. I have to even give a call to the team leader to explain her that although I dont mind being looked after by 4 different mid-wives, I definitely dont like it when the information goes missing, or my questions are not answered because the mid-wives dint communicate it to each other. I have my next appointment on 11th and I hope that would be better than the previous ones.

And i was also glad that the GP surgery told me that I can self-refer myself to the physio in my area (although I still waited for 6 weeks). But my mid-wife noted my PGP as "Lower back pain, sitting regularly in front of the computer" which i think was bit pre-postures of her.


I am in the same boat as u, my community midwife is really nice and has even come in on a day off to do my 16 week apt which I said I wud change but she was happy to do. if I need an apt she does it on phone to hosp there and then and writes it down for me and is really friendly and has a wicked sense of humour which I like. ur experience sounds just like mine so far I am 26 weeks and have to have the anti d injection as am b rhesus- in 2 weeks. I think this has helped me feel at ease and am quite happy to ask her anything as I know I will get an honest answer which is all I ask. gd luck for the remaining bit of ur pregnancy xx


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