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20 weeks and have put on 6.5kg

HI ladies,

I am sure I am not the only one with weight gain issue but I am really worried about this.

I was 57kg (8.9 stones)when I got pregnant and I am 1.67 tall/ 5.6 inc.

I am very active I workout 5 times a week and my last body % fat was 15% which is very low for a woman.

But since I fell pregnant I have put on 6.5kg which is 14.33pounds.

The first 12 weeks I felt very nauseous so I wasn't eating as healthy as I did before but since my nausea passed I have been eating mostly well and best of all I don't have sweet tooth. So lots of protein, fruit, flax seeds, veg and salads though I do allow myself to have couple of big treats a week, eg fish and chips or a pie.

I still train 5 times a week of course the intensity is much lower (I also monitor my heart rate just to make sure I am not over doing) then what I am use to and I work as a nanny looking after 2 very active children so I am on my feet walking a lot.

My heart rate monitor shows me that I burn a lot of calories (it is very accurate) going from 2000 to 2700kcal a day.

So I was really shocked to find out this morning of my weight gain.

Can any of you let me know how much you put on in the first 20 weeks or even after this, how you felt etc......

At the end of the day all I want is for my baby to be happy and healthy so If it means this is normal then I will be more then happy but I was told to try and not put more then 14 kg in the whole pregnancy so this might be a bit of a problem if I keep on putting weight at this rate.

Many thanks

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Hey there, I put on 5kg in the first trimester and 20 kg over the whole pregnancy... I was 54kg when i got pregnant and 1.60 height. Was not ideal but I did drop some of it almost straight after having baby. Don't forget that your little one is growing in there and lots of extra fluid etc in there too... I'd say that as long as you stay active and healthy don't worry about the weight gain, I'd also say that's set likely your baby is going to be a big and bouncy one :) x


Please dont worry about gaining weight to much. I had lost alot of weight before I meet my other half and kept it off for a while and then when I got pregnant with my 1st I put 3 stone on at the end of the pregnancy which I was very paranoid about and always weighing myself. After I had him I was back in my normal jeans within a week and then just started eating better again. It was more difficult to loose it with my 2nd so started back at Weight Watchers again and lost it in about 5 months.

I am normally hoovering around 10.5 stone pre pregnancy and 5ft 6 and that is without watching what I eat, I am 19 weeks 1 day and have put a stone on. I havent changed my eating habbits just my alcohol in take so I know once the baby is born I wont find it that hard to loose it again. I am a very outdoors person with horses and got 2 children to run around after also.


My sister put on 4 1/2 stone with her 2nd child. She has 4 children and never gained less than 3 stone in all her pregnancies. She is 5' 3" tall and is a size 8. During my 2 pregnancies eh has reassured me not to worry as your body will do what it needs and wants to do. I think pregnancy really gives a feeling of lack of control like no other experience and that can be really hard to deal with. I know I have certainly found it a struggle. I am really conscious of my changing body but I'm trying to tell myself to enjoy it as it really is an incredible thing to grow and support another life and it maybe the last time I do it.


Thanks ladies that does put my mind to rest a bit and I really appreciate all the comments. Having been in control all my life when it comes to weight and body composure, these days can be a bit of a struggle as my body is changing dramatically and putting on weight every week. The good thing is that I am not alone in this, so many of us are going through the same thing and at the end of the 9 months we have created a new life so it is a massive reward for our hard work :-)

Thanks again and hope you all have lovely weekend.



U must be lovely and slim and I bet u look 5.6 and was 9.Stone10lb when I got pregnant last time, I put on 3 stone and looked ok. And Was ok at losing it after. .. this time I was a stone over weightand have put on a stone so I'm hoping I won't put on too much now. ....I don't think u have muchto worry about ur eating habits sounds great and it still working hard so enjoy it :)


Ah thanks for the lovely message. Not that skinny anymore haha but hopping I can get back to my normal weight soon after the birth.

This is my first pregnancy and didn't know what to expect really so having this blog is great and very helpful.

Thanks again and hope you have lovely Sunday :-)


That Was supposed to say still working out!


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