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Runny poo leaking out!

Hi all, my for the past few days my 11 week old has been passing just one bowel movement a day, either first thing in the morning or last thing before bed.. And what a movement! Yellow and runny and leaks out of nappy all the way up her back... The washing machine had been in overdrive lately ........

She mostly feeds on Aptamil but with some breastfeeding also. Should I be concerned? Advice please !

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Sounds pretty normal to me. So long as she is actually pooing there is usually nothing wrong, baby diarrhoea is usually bright green according to my health visitor so that delightful yellow colour is pretty normal! Is she feeding ok? Remember that you know her best so if you feel something isn't right call your health visitor - nothing you've said rings alarm bells in my (non-expert) mind though.

If you're struggling to get the chicken korma colour stains out of white baby grows, a teaspoon of bicarb in the washing machine drawer usually does the trick ;-)


Thanks for that.. Yes she is feeding ok and seems unbothered by it so I guess I just need to get used to it!


Yeah sounds normal. As long as your little one is feeding o.k I wouldn't worry. I dont think my son had a solid poo in the forst 6 months he was born, at least he/she is pooing and not constipated like some babies get.


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