My first seven days as a first time mummy....still smiling

So baby George is eight days old today (36plus 3 gestation) and wow what a complete little cutie he is, still can't believe I have him:)

So far so good in regards to feeding, I'm doing a bit of expressing, and bottle feeding, George has tongue tie so finds it difficult to latch on to the breast for a good time, plus where he was early his suck reflex wasn't particularly strong, but getting stronger, his tongue tie will be cut in the next week :)

I'm feeding George every three hours, so quite tired, but learning to sleep when he sleeps.

In the last week he is becoming more alert when feeding and stays awake for about fifteen minutes after his tiny premature size bottles lol.

I have had to buy a special support inner seat for him, so he fits in his car seat, great website called early babies, omg! They even do clothes for two pounds babies.

Feeling very good in myself, the pain of the c-section is easing up, had my stitches out. I don't like the way my belly is looking but hey I have to be patient with it going back, strange to see how my uterus is going back, my belly button is nearly back to an inny:)

My gestational diabetes is gone, my swelling which believe me was horrendous is slowly but surely reducing, starting to see my ankle bones :) blood pressure is good :)

It's such a joy, I'm soooo happy and in love with this little man, I thank god everyday for him, it really was a miracle I had him.

I hope you ladies are all well xxxxxx


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11 Replies

  • Ah glad everything is going well for you bet you still cant quite believe he is here at last. You and teeny baby George take care and look after yourself.

  • Im so glad everything has worked out for you I bet you still cant believe it when he cries or just makes the slightest Lil' movement.

    I've still got quite a long way to go yet, I will find out the gender of this baby in about 3wks time at my 2nd scan & still feels like an eternity. I'll keep you all posted.

    Take care of yourself

    Lil george & Mummy xx

  • :-D

  • So nice to read about you little cutie,keep us posted! I am 39 weeks +3 and waiting to meet my little boy...scared and excited at same time.its great to read what others feel their first few days..hug

  • Ahhh where has the wk gone! So sweet bet he looks so dinky in his car seat...bless him, glad ur feeling good, I always went to bed at 8 when I put the kids to bed so I got as much sleep as possible so was able to get up and get kids to school in the morning, and tried to sleep in the u finding ur dog with George? My friend popped in yesterday with her little one who is nearly a year and my dog was very good didnt take any notice really xx

  • Thank god my dog has been fine, very interested in him, when George cries so does my dog lol! But still very wary and will be till George is much older like five!

  • Lovely to hear your update and so pleased it has worked out for you. George may be a miracle but he is also blessed with a wonderful mummy!

    Look after yourself, enjoy being a new mummy and look forward to your next update xxx

  • Wow, what a great post!

    I heard a cool thing (on telly, actually) the other day; someone said: ''You don't love your children, you fall in love with them. The feelings are the same: desperately wanting to be with them all the time, and butterflies in your tummy when you see them.'' :D

  • Awww... :)

    So good to have George here!

    Squiggly been here 5 weeks today, she can smile and has made an attempt to giggle, heart melting. xxxx

  • Oh wow, George does smiles but its wind lol

  • Awww... :)

    So good to have George here!

    Squiggly been here 5 weeks today, she can smile and has made an attempt to giggle, heart melting. xxxx

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