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Baby James and my LONG week!

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So, Monday morning my waters broke. After being checked at my maternity assessment unit in the small midwife led unit of my local hospital, I was sent home to progress.

My pregnancy had been ideal! No fuss with me or baby, and labouring at home seemed to be flying over. By half twelve I couldn't take it anymore, and we phoned up to head back to hospital. I noticed just before we set out baby poop in my waters and knew the midwife unit didn't deal with that, so we called them back up, and then rang my second choice hospital to inform them of my arrival.

We got there about one, they were very busy and didn't see us properly until two. I was put on the monitor and after twenty minutes they were content James was a happy chappy and I had (my first ever-yikes) an internal exam. Four cm, I had gas and air and later in the evening, diamorphine to help take the edge off.

Alas, not everything was as smooth sailing as my pregnancy. I required the ventouse cup to help with delivery as my contractions had been so intense they were concerned I couldn't feel the need to push properly. He was delivered safely at 3.20 Tuesday 28th may weighing 8 pound 3 oz.

I had one little hug off him, and then the next thing I know I'm being rushed to theatre. Six hours later I'm told I had a massive blood loss and I nearly died. They were struggling so much to get my uterus to contract they almost gave me a histerectamy but instead pumped me with over eight units of blood to keep me going and I ended up with a ballon in my uterus to keep it inflated. Over the next few days they've been monitoring my blood loss and gradually deflating the ballon. Which happily came out yesterday.

Tomorrow I'll hopefully be let out. But it's been such a long week. After such a model pregnancy I really didn't think anything could go wrong right at the end. But I'm so grateful to everyone who helped save my life and bring James into the world safely.

Goodnight and everyone take care! Xx

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Wow congratulations I knew it when you said you had a trickle and later went back to a pop over the bath towel. :-) well done on delivering baby James safely into your world. What an outcome after delivery. I can only imagine your husbands feelings where all over the place bless him. You sound pretty well looked after I'm very glad that we choose to have baby in hospital we never know what might happen.

I'm glad your on the mend and I hope you enjoy the start in motherhood. Well done Hun x

Wow, take care, and congratulations on baby james, I hope everything is well now and you can get home and enjoy bubba!

Blimey traumatic! Glad all is ok now thou and little man is ok hope your feeling alright, quite overwhelming so if u need a good cry have one...I always get the blues a couple of days after....all the hormones and then I'm ok! Bless you all the best tc xx

congratulations on the arrival of James xx

Congrats on ur new arrival. And I am so glad that u r ok. My consultant gave me a mouth full as well cause I refuse to take blood and I had a massive bleed with my daughter. Ur experience has cause me to think twice. But look after urself and baby James xxxx

Congratulations on little James xxxx. Amazing how things can go fom normal to emergency, we are both in that club lol.

So pleased you are both fine now, rest up as much as you can dont over do it, enjoy little James xxxx

OMG glad you are o.k and baby James is here safe and sound, sounds a very traumatic experience, bet your OH was in bits with worry. That's why it frightens me to death when people say they are going to have a home birth as not everything goes to plan. My 2nd was shoulder dystocia and we would have lost him if I hadn't been in the hospital.

Wow that is amazing bringing a new life into the world and at the same time your own waste in the balance. Congratulations on the birth of James and wishing you all the best for the future xx

Wow congrats am loving birth stories on here though it sounds a bit traumatic am glad both you and baby James are doing well.ive got 4weeks left getting excited and nervous .wishing you all the best.!! What a horrific ordeal! :O

I tell you, if I wasn't already in this 'condition' you might have put me off with that account!

HOWEVER, great to hear that both Mum and baby James are doing well :)

BIG congratulations!! x

Honestly, It's pretty terrifying if I think too much about it, but I don't really remember all that much. I remember the delivery, and being stitched, but then I guess I passed out while hugging him. My partner was saying it all happened so fast they just handed him James and sent him in the corner while they worked on me, and then rushed me to surgery leaving him in a room full of my blood.

It's scary to think if there was no baby poo in my waters I'd have been in a maternity unit without any access to the emergency treatment needed and I guess I'd have probably died.

I know some people will want super natural births with no intervention, but nearly dying at 23 from something that is only really meant to affect over fifties after several babies is pretty awakening. I don't want to scare people but it's just my experience and i wanted to share, as i was low risk for everything and it still happened.

I'd never rule out more children but I think I'll try to opt for a section next time!

a traumatic time but a happy ending and the best possible outcome,

Congratulations to you and your other half

welcome to the world Baby James

x x x

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