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Retroplacental haematoma



I posted 5 weeks ago after a sudden big bleed at 5 weeks pregnant. I've since had 4 scans which have shown the baby has developed but I have this blood clot. At 5 weeks it wasn't visible, at 7 weeks it had appeared, at 8 weeks it had shrunk and they weren't concerned, at 10 weeks it had doubled in size. I've not had any bleeding since the 5 weeks and have tried really hard to take it easy but I have a toddler so I have to lift her and do the shopping etc and my job wouldn't really allow for sick leave/bed rest. I am terrified that I will get so far and then have a late miscarriage because of this haematoma and I don't really understand what the prognosis is. I suffer badly with anxiety problems and I am literally going out of my mind with panic, I even considered having a termination because it could remove the risk of losing my baby late when I have become so attached. I feel like I am going a bit crazy. I've had 2 miscarriages and the last left my hospitalised and I swore I couldn't face that again, now I face potentially worse,

I saw the baby wriggling around on Tuesday, so cute. And next to it was this big shadow showing the bleed and I can't handle the lack of control or knowledege. The sonographers have ranged from being non-fussed and saying it will definitely be reabsorbed to being more concerned and saying it poses a risk as long as it is there.

Not sure what I am looking for, just feeling sorry for myself really and don't know anyone in this situation. I stupidly googled it and read so many horror stories and its freaked me out. Anyone with nice words please step forward!!!!


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So sorry you are feeling so panicked. It sounds like you haven't been given enough information and support. Can you talk it through with your midwife or ask to speak to consultant obstetrician about it? I would hate to think of you suffering through out your pregnancy with the worry of this. Terminating your pregnancy is a massive decision. I really think you need to talk it through with someone so they can help you with your anxiety if nothing else. Best wishes and I hope you get some suppo from your midwife xx

Hi Kaley

I surprised myself at even entertaining the idea of termination as I want this baby more than anything and it would kill me, I wouldn't do it, I just feel so scared of the alternative. The midwives have no information as it isn't something they really know about, the hospital consultants have varied, the one at 8 weeks was positive and assured me it would go away, and then it grew so I was just really gutted that the risk remained. It's hard enough getting past the point where your baby has managed to grow without failing, only to be faced with a different risk all together. I think you are right that I don't have the information but from what I can tell, there is nothing anyone can say. No-one can tell me that I won't lose my baby and that's what I want to hear :-) you would think by now I would realise that see things are down to fate and you can't put statistics in place to answer your questions. I just hate not knowin what is going on inside and sadly I read a lot of stories of people with the same condition losing their babies well into the second trimester. Just feeling scared. I am doing a meditation course to try and give me something to focus on as I have problems relaxing and staying calm anyway but it's not really working. Like everyone says, just a case of time and waiting, I think I was surprised that it had grown and then shrunk and grown again, shows the bleed is still very active and hasn't been stemmed.

Thanks for your concern, that in itself is very comforting.


Must be such a worry for u have u not seen your consultant? I would really ask to see them ASAP to get some better for shopping start getting it delivered...and teach your little one to climb rather than u keep carrying her..just do things so u dont put added pressure on yourself and can take it easy as much as poss hope it gets sorted out xx

Hiya Gail0608, I have got one as well so know exactly what you are going through. I found out I was pregnant at 7 weeks pregnant in March after a mc in December so I was thrilled at the pregnancy news. At 12 weeks bang on the day, I had a massive bleed at night which drenched my pjs and when I went to the toilet I had just strings of clots coming out (sorry for tmi) I was so upset instantly thought I was having another mc. Got taken into hospital and sat in A&E for 4 hours waitng for the Gynae consultant to do an internal. An internal was done and she said I had had a mc as she thought my cervixs was open but couldn't be for sure as there was just to many clots in there. I got admitted into hospital for a scan and was lucky to have one that morning and my baby was fine, they said I had a heamatoma but as was 1/3 of the baby they weren't to bothered. I always wear a pad now as up until last week I have been losing brown blood and sometimes pink but never been red again (I am proper touching wood as I write this as dont want to jinxs myself). I am not gonna lie to you I am constantly going to the loo and checking my pad and when I wipe but it does get better. I am a very anxious person and get paranoid about everything. This has been the hardest and most emotional pregnancy that I have had out of all 3. I am now 19 weeks today and got my 20 week scan next week which I am hoping that they are going to tell me that the Heamatoma has been absorbed back in to the placenta. Please take this as a positive story and know that you can get past this anxious point in a pregnancy.

Gail0608 and megzey, I'll be thinking of you and really hope everything is ok for you both. It must be really hard not getting the answer that you truly want ( that everything will be fin). I know the perils of being an anxious person as was diagnosed with generalised anxiety disorder 15 years ago. I know how hard it can be to manage worry. Meditation is fab though as well as avoiding googling things, I have learnt!

Please look after yourselves x

Thanks everyone. Megzey I remember you replying to my original question actually so thanks for following this too. When they found your haematoma did they call you back in for any scans between then and now or did they tell you to just wait and see? I think at first mine was small but it seemed to be about the size of the baby this week and she looked a bit more unsure, but maybe I was being paranoid. I am going to try and find techniques to manage my anxiety during this time and just keep my fingers so tightly crossed, for you megzey and anyone else in this situation. Thank you everyone for being so kind.

Wow I feel for you, I had anxiety in my pregnancy from past miscarriage so I know how awful it is.

I had a number of complications with this pregnancy, anaemia, gestational diabetes and pre eclampsia, and guess what he arrived five weeks early but absolutely perfect! Miricles do happen.

You must alter your lifestyle now, such as having your shopping delivered, major relaxation techniques, also it sounds like your not getting much information on the condition, I would demand to speak with a consultant, prepare your questions in advance. When I had all these complications arise I read horror stories, did me no favours at all, plus I found the consultants would never say never to losing your baby, that annoyed me, I just wanted to know the risks.

Good luck Hun, keep as calm as possible, keep positive thoughts in your head, your baby s fine so far so why not to make it to full term :)


No, I have not been asked for any additional scans. About 3 weeks ago today I went back into hospital as I rang the antenatal ward for help as my midwife was on her hols, I told them I was still losing brown blood and was this normal and they said go in for a check up, I had another internal and she said it is still the hematoma leaking so not to worry, since she took swabs I have not lost anymore brown blood, you will loose blood for a while but as long as it stays browney in colour you will be o.k. In the mornings was the worst for me when I went to the loo.

Hi ladies,

I'm not sure what to say, the answers & advise given here is great. it gave me support too reading it.

I can understand how you feel as I too had very heavy bleed bang on 12 weeks, rushed to a&e as had previous mc. Was sent for a scan following day, baby was ok but wasn't given any answers as to where or why I was bleeding. Had 12 week scan few days later & they couldn't be less intrested if they tried. I was experiencing sharp pains and period like cramps all the time. I was unable to contact my midwife for many weeks, still bleeding 2& half weeks later, i saw my GP, he said take paracetamol and if I pass big clots come back!!! By this time I was very depressed, I too considered termination as I felt I had no control, no support and no hope. My partner tried to be supportive but somehow he ended up always saying wrong thing. I work full time and have 3 other ( older) children.

Anyway, saw my midwife finally for routine 16 week check and gave her mouthful that I had not been able to contact her for 4 weeks. Explained I've now bleed for 4 weeks and in contnt pain, she apologised and made me an appointment with a consultant for the next day. He explained that he thought part of placenta has come away, any clots will be absorbed in time nd they will scan me that day and monthly there after to monitor baby growth. Providing baby keeps growing all is good, if not then they will consider inducing me if possible or total bed rest.mi had c section 17 years ago & eptopic 10 years ago, so some of my pains maybe scar tissue. He gave me On my way! Anti spasm medication.

He recommended taking it easy, no lifting or strenuous exercise/ work, I know that's difficult with younger children. Great suggestion to get your hopping delivered.

I have rested for this last week and bleeding finally stopped. Still have lots of pains, no cramping just sharp pain, like pulled muscles, I put this down to growing. I'm 17 weeks now or 19 weeks if you go on scan size.

It's horrible, lonely and very frightening when you don't know why or whats happening, try demanding a consultant appointment. Stay strong & remain positive. Stress & anxiety don't help. Stop looking on Internet, I did & it only made me feel worse.

Ask your partner, family & friends for help. I hate relying on others but I've had to & it's not forever.

I'm sure everything will be fine for you both, I'm only just starting to feel positive again after weeks of worry.

Big hugs to you both. Xxxx

Sorry for typing errors, must proof read!!! :)

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