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Odd pelvic pain during exercise & sudden movements! Help, I'm a bit lost!

I was very active before I became pregnant, martial arts, swimming, aerobics etc. I was no health freak but at 5ft 3, 58 kilos I considered myself very healthy!

I want to go back to my training to keep in shape for the baby. The midwife has said this is fine, but I am finding that sudden, unplanned movements are resulting in odd, sharp pains either side on the front of my pelvic area. Movement causing this range from quick standing from low sitting position, rolling over too fast in bed and jumping up from the floor (say after sit ups etc).

I can avoid them by making my movements much, much slower and really thinking about what I'm doing but this is hard to do sometimes and they seem to be slightly worse whilst I'm exercising.

Has anyone else had this problem at all? Any tips? My midwife doesn't seem bothered at all by it.

Thanks very much!

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It's where your ligaments have softened....I would have a chat with the instructors and see what they say....personally I think u should slow it down a bit as if ur getting these twinges u should listen to ur body but the fact ur so fit maybe you could change ur routine and find different exercises to do...good on you thou wish I was fit!


Sounds like you possibly have 'pelvic girdle pain (spd). Nhs website have good info on the condition and there are past posts on here regarding it. x


Sorry to hear that you are experiencing pain. I was like you (though probably not quite as sporty) a regular gym goer (3-4 times a week cardiovascular and weights), yoga etc and had intended to keep in shape by exercising throughout. However from around 14 weeks, i ended up with pelvic pain and had to accept that my original plan to exercise regularly (albeit different exercises to pre pregnancy) wasn't going to happen. So I have mainly been walking and attending pregnancy yoga. That said, as I was quite fit before I have found that I haven't put on too much weight on most of my body, just the areas you would expect around the middle, I.e. bump, thighs, hips, bum. So a healthy amount of weight gain but hopefully not too difficult to lose post pregnancy.

Good luck x


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