Whooping cough vaccine???? What did you decide?

I have researched and researched about the pros and cons of the Whooping cough vaccine.. Yet I am no more confident either way. I feel we will probably end up having the vaccine just because it may be the sensible thing to do but wondered what people who have had the vaccine have experienced...

Were you concerned prior to having the vaccine?

How did you feel after the vaccine? E.g. did you feel run down, etc?

Did you notice any change in your baby's movements after the vaccine?

Thanks in advance xx

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  • I'm having mine on Monday

    There's lots of debate on this on the forum already - may be worth searching for them and having a read through x

  • Thanks for your reply DrFluffy.

    Yep i did have a read prior to posting as initially i had intended to pose the question itself (i.e. whether to have it or not) but saw it had already been asked and answered.

    I think I am now at the stage that I feel we need to vaccinate as it's too risky not to so just want clarification/affirmation that others have had a positive experience so I can feel a bit more confident that it is the right decision. Xx

  • P.s. If you don't mind letting me know how it goes, I would be grateful x

  • Will do x

  • Will do x

  • Thank you :-)

  • When is the best to have it?my midwife said i can have it next week as i'll be 29 weeks.or shall i leave it till later ?my friend had hers at 36weeks as it was closer to due date x

  • Best time is between 28 & 32 weeks as it takes 2 weeks today create and transfer antibodies across the placenta.

  • After 28 weeks - it takes a couple of weeks to develop sufficient antibodies and for these to be passed to bubba in high enough concentration, so the closer to 28 weeks the better really. I'm having mine at 32 as was unwell with kidney infection earlier. X

  • Hello,

    I had mine at 28 weeks. I had no really concerns prior to it as my grandad lost his baby sister, to whooping cough when she was only a couple of months old. He has always mentioned her and how traumatic it was for her and everyone around her. I dont want to scaremonger at all, that is just what influenced me. I did not have any adverse reaction, despite an achey arm for a couple of days- but I also had an anti-d injection in the same arm a couple of days prior!! I noticed no change in movements and have an extremely wriggley bubs now at 34 weeks.

    Neska, I believe they say it is better to get it done sooner rather than later to allow the baby's immunity to build up.

    Hope this helps :-) x

  • That does help - thank you for sharing. I don't take it as all as influencing or scaremongering. Ultimately what I have realised is that, as this is a recent government initiative, there isn't enough information/track record to make an informed decision (well for me personally anyway) so it comes down to personal choice and anecdotal evidence.

    People such as yourself having a positive experience really is all I can go on to feel more confident about biting the metaphorical bullet. Thanks again. X

  • I had it at 28 weeks.. and had no side effects after at all and noticed no changes in baby movements. Good luck!

  • Hi. I had the whooping cough vaccination last week (31 weeks) and aside from the red sore patch on my arm, noticed no other side effects. Baby is still as active as ever and I've not felt run down at all. I don't normally react at all to vaccinations, so I was surprised by how lumpy, hot, sore and itchy my arm was, but I can live with that as long as baby is ok! Good luck whatever you decide. x

  • Ive decided and im 15+4 and im definitely going to have it due to working with children and seeing the way it can affect new borns.

  • Ive decided and im 15+4 and im definitely going to have it due to working with children and seeing the way it can affect new borns.

  • Hi, I had the whooping cough injection at 29 weeks and unfortunately I had a reaction to it but baby's movements didn't change so I was glad it just affected me. I could hardly move my arm for about 3 days and it was red, hard, hot and bruised for about a week. Make sure you have it in your arm which is used less, i.e. not your writing / doing things arm. It may of just been me and I'm sorry if it puts you off having it as I would do it again for the sake of my baby. I hope you have a better experience :-)

  • I had it at 29 weeks.. now 37 weeks :) was concerned like you.. but when I spoke to my midwife she strongly advised me to get it.. was so nervous and the following week I constantly counted his kicks to make sure he was ok.. felt ok bit of a sore arm but nothing to bad. I think its the alternative of what could happen to baby if he caught whooping cough that's scary :( everyone I know had the vaccine and everything was ok :) goodluck in making your decision xx

  • I had mine done, like you i read up on it but there was no doubt in my mind that id have it!

    Arm ached for 1 week or so, tiny bruise, baby was as active as ever, noticed no changes at all.

    At the end of the day its your choice but i have seen a child with whooping cough, mum is a childminder and one of the kids got it when she was about 4 and it made her so poorly, cant imagine what it will do to a little baby!


  • Hi RMRS,

    I had mine at 28 weeks and had no side effects at all, no pain and noticed no decrease in the baby's movements. It seems to me that in light of how cautious the NHS, RCOG etc are about other things during pregnancy (e.g. alcohol consumption, listeria etc), for them actually to make a positive recommendation in favour of having the vaccine, they must be reasonably confident that the benefits outweigh any risks. xx

  • I had mine done becausewhen I was little I saw first hand what a baby with petrussis looks like. My cousin was unvaccinated and she had it. Ended up in hospital and even at 6 yrs old that sound was the most pitiful thing I'd ever heard, and I've never forgotten it.

    I had a sore arm after but it's worth it not to risk the baby getting it. There's a possibility that it might have caused some anomalies in my blood tests though (I had hugely raised alkaline phosphatase levels at my next bloods), as they never worked out what caused it and as soon as I delivered they came down. Baby was fine.

  • Hi,

    I had mine last Friday.The next few days I felt a bit like I had the flu:sored muscles,throat,no energy and my arm was really red,tender,hot and achey.But it 's all gone now.I haven't noticed any difference on my baby movements.In my opinion ,if it reduces the possibility of my baby catch something ,it's well worth it.

    Best wishes

  • If it wasn't safe they wouldn't give it out..everyones different so peoples boats react in different ways

  • It's a definite must, I have had mine, had an achy arm for two days, felt fine. Baby boy is fine :)

    As a baby I nearly died, I had whooping cough at 4 weeks old, as a result I now have very bad scarred lungs and severe asthma, it hindered my health as a child I was always ill, I was always in hospital as a teenager unable to breathe for weeks at a time.

    As an adult (33) I still suffer, especially in winter, I have now been on one type of medication since four weeks old.

    It's not worth the risk, take the injection protect your child.

    Look what has happened with the poor children that didn't get the mmr jabs, lots of unnessary deaths from measles!

    Go or it!

  • I was really worried about it. The effects of either decision concerned me but after researching it and talking it through with my midwife I decided to go ahead. I wasn't worried about the effect on me although I didn't particularly want to be ill but moe about the effect on my baby. Had it at 31 weeks, now 35 weeks, baby is fine, has a good left and right hook, not to mention the karate kicks! My arm was a little sore for 2-3 days and am now really glad I had it. Good luck with your decision x

  • Thank you ladies for your replies and for sharing your experiences.

    Whilst I am still reluctant to have the vaccine, I feel it is the less risky option for our baby so, having decided to go ahead, it's definitely reassuring to know that you didn't experience changes in your babies' movements.

    Thanks again xx

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