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Need advice please

Hi ladies.i've seen my midwife today and she said my blood results are fine.but i've checked them when i got home and to me they are not as some of them are above or below limit:

Neutrophil count- 9.5 so above high reference limit

Mean platelet volume-12.1 above as well

Total white blood count-12.7 above again

Packed cell volume- 0.359 below

I'm getting paranoid now as i read loads of things on the internet.i'm gonna ring midwife and doctor tomorrow but maybe someone had similar results?what does this mean?i wont be able to sleep tonight if i wont find out.i'm 28 weeks now. Thanks for any replies xx

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Have messaged you back directly - only just saw your message as have only just finished my shift xx


The other thing to remember (in addition to what I said in my message) is that normal ranges are that - ranges, and are based on 95% of a population conforming to the range. This means that 2.5% of the population have normal results that are above the high value , and 2.5% have normal results that are below the reference range (it 's called Gaussian Distribution) xx


Thanks you so much for your reply.i was so anxious xx feels reassured now xx


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