12 week scan

if anyone remembers me im the old one at 45 with the 25 year old daughter. worried sick at the minute. had my scan yesterday all was well, wee arms and legs moving about heart beat fine. then she said she would have to get me an emergency appointment at the main hospital. she wouldnt tell us what was wrong incase she is wrong but she kept saying on the phone an urgent appointment was needed. i asked her if it was the downs syndrome but she said it was too small yet to screen for that. so if it wasnt that what the heck is wrong. he or she has got a nasal bone but has a pocket of fluid from the back off the head and down the back. my midwife said many babies carry fluid pockets and may go away but the way this woman was acting has left us worried as hell. have to wait till fri to be seen. all my test results and wee samples are fine although i havent got my downs test back yet. we are out off our minds with worry.xx

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  • Send a msg to DrFluffy hopefully she maybe able to help you with your question xx

  • DrFluffy is brilliant with medical questions.

    I am not suprised that you are going out of your mind. So much for it being Urgent though and them gettng you an appointment on Friday. In my opinion though I think if it was a real real panic emergency you would have just been asked to stay in until the next available appointment but I dont know how the hospital works. You would have thought they may have said something about what it was, they must have really not been sure not to say anything.

  • i know. i have been looking online at things and majority of the babies are fine which has perked me up a bit. who is dr fluffy? sorry but this is only the second time ive been on this. a lot of people get told lots of things and things turn out ok in the end so im going to try not to worry anymore and see what happens on fri. x

  • She is a lady that is on this forum and works for the hospital I think, she is expecting a baby soon. I am sure she commented on your last question when you asked if anyone was an older mum.

    Well you have got 2 more sleeps left then you will have your appointment at the hospital and then they can tell you what on earth is going on.

  • ive been thinking since our last talk and i think since im calm the now i will leave it till fri. too scared incase she mite put thoughts in my head. im going to get in touch over the weekend if i dont have the answers i need. i will have a look and see what she said the last time. 2 more sleeps haha i was up at 4 this morning and had a wee hour on the sofa this afternoon. im sure i will get there. my life is full of ups and downs but 90% of the time things work out. will keep everything crossed and i appreciate the talk xx

  • Aye! Old bird with child masquerading by day as a hospital doctor ;/p

  • That's pretty poor communication skills on the part of the ultrasonographer! It's neigh on impossible to make any useful comment, apart from to hope everything is ok. Was this your 12 week scan! Did she give you a measurement for the nuchal fold (the measurement of fluid at the back of baby 's neck?)

  • thanks for getting in touch. a few of the girls told me to get in touch with u. it was my 12 week scan i was exact on my last scan which made them laugh but they say im less this time 11 4. eveything was fine on the scan heartbeat legs and arms kicking, even turned his back on us which made us laugh. then she said right im gonna phone the main hospital and get u and urgent appointment. we kept asking why and she just kept saying she wasnt happy with the scan. u can c fluid from the back off the head going down the back. i did ask her if it was downs and she said she couldnt scan for that yet as it was too small. i have read if there is no nasal bone then it will probably b that. all my blood tests came back fine, but i still havent got my downs test thru the post yet which was taken 2 weeks ago and the midwife said it would only take 8 10 days to receive. she didnt give me a measure ment for the fluid. did nothing else apart from give me some scan photos. paul wasnt happy and demanded an answer all she said was she couldnt tell us incase she is wrong it could b 50 things wrong or it could b nothing she needs a consultant to have a look. my midwife told me not to worry as most babies carry fluid and it may b away by fri or b reduced. i have stayed calm but tomorrow i am going to b a wreck if they tell me something i dont want to hear. ive did everything right this time folic acid vit d the lot just have to wait and c what they say xx

  • Hello,not sure if this is going to be in the least but helpful but I read your note and was really moved by it and thought it just might be ...

    im 43 and just had my 12 week scan and was beside myself fretting. You must be going crazy. I was told that though there was a nasal bone my bloods suggested there might be downs. I was recommended a private test called a harmony test. Only just available last nov but 99% accurate and no miscarriage risk, unlike amniocentesis. It costs a painful £600, and it takes a nail biting 14 days to get results, but could be an option and can give you an answer without risking the baby.

    Sounds daft as we've never met, but I'll be thinking of you as another older mum! Xxx

  • thanks for replying. hopefully u can read what ive written to drfluffy. tomorrow doesnt seem far away but it canny come quick enough. it was just the way the woman was acting making us paranoid as anything. ive been calm trying not to think about it but when paul leaves for work in the morning thats when the tears start then im ok after a wee while. i just hope alls ok and if there is nothing wrong i would like to kick that womans arse for putting us through this haha will keep in touch xx

  • Thanks Lou - I'd never heard about this test...

    A safer alternative is worth it if possible if needed

  • Hi Kara1

    We are going to be old parents too ! Im 45 - my wife 44. ( I know you must be going nuts )

    We've just returned form hospital & had the scan - found out the baby likes to move like billyo ! Made it hard for the sonographer to get a read on the nuchal fold....although there's not much to be told other than heart beat looks strong - size looks ok

    Then blood tests nd obstetrician gave us the risks summary.

    It is a worrying time when you have to face the cold facts - especially since we expected to be told today which category of risk we fall into - now to find out that'll take a further 2 weeks !

    I'm at a loss why they'd want an emergency appt other than measuring the nuchal fold better...

    We are crossing our fingers etc - my wife is restless and can't concentrate or sleep properly - so our thoughts are with you also...

  • hi. yeah tomorrow cant come quick enough but im soooo nervous. but we will c then. yeah ive spoken to u b4 the first time i wrote. ure wife will b restless and i can understand the sleeping less. think im up about 5 every morning even though im off my work the now but im even finding it uncomfy to sleep at night. god knows what i will b like at 8 months haha. everyone tells me not to worry but not to have that downs test back yet when it should have been here by now. i was even at the docs the day for a chest infection which ive got and asked her but she said the test wasnt back yet. hope all goes well with you both and thinking bout use

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