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Not feeling any movement at 19 weeks

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This is my 3rd pregnancy and I still haven't felt the baby move yet. I had a midwife app at 16weeks and my tummy was measuring correct and she was able to pick up the heart beat on the Doppler. I am still in my normal clothes so not showing yet. I am just comparing it all the time to my last pregnancy as I felt him move at 16 weeks and I was in maternity clothes by now.

I rang my midwife and surprise surprise she is on a 2 week holiday AGAIN and the receptionist said they would get the community midwife to ring me. I have just spoken to the midwife and she said if I am worried then to do another pregnancy test to put my mind at rest. Is that un helpful advice or what. Got my 20 week scan a week today which seems ages away.

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oh dear, what a pair we are this is my first pregnancy and im 21 wks 3 days with a boy, i think i felt Baby Ewan so much from weeks 17 and 18 and now they have seemed to die down abit, not as frequent or as obveous. Im sure both our little ones are just fine and probably just being a bit lazy.

but if your worried and I know your scan is next week but can you not request for it to be brought forward ive heard that baby can sometimes be lying towards your back so to me that would make your bump also look smaller, where i live they have provided me a number to go straight through to the triage nurse at the hospital and can ring anytime after 19 weeks i'd check to see if you have a similar service.

Surely they cant put you off if your really worried about it.

x x x

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I have bought a Doppler off the internet and I am going to pick it up this afternoon so going to see if can pick anything up on that first to put my mind at rest. Hopefully wont just pick up the placenta like I did last time and thought it was the heart beating. I have heard how quick it is supposed to sound so will defo know the difference now, she said it was 140 on the midwifes at 16 weeks.

Orh Hun try not to worry we are all anxious around this time before the scan a week will fly by for you and you'll soon see you gorgeous little baby wriggling away on the screen. :-) I felt number three around 24 weeks mark and upto that point nothing much , rest assured once you had your scan it won't stop. I'm running out of room now everytime it moves it hurts. T-minus 4 weeks :-) xx

bloody midwifes. no compassion, even though its their job. i was confused with my feelings. the flutters. it felt more like wind. didnt start feeeling more positive movement until i was 21 weeks at least. now its prominent and cant be missed now. dont worry, your probably lucky and have a contented baby. (wish mine was) xx

Hey Hun :) I’m 21 weeks and still haven’t felt my little man move yet but had my 20 week scan a week ago today and all was fine so I'm hopeful it will happen soon enough :)

This is my first pregnancy and to be truthful I have done nothing but worry all the way through and think I will continue to do so until my little pudding in here xx

Bought my doppler and just tried it. It is a Hi-Bebe one. Took me ages to be able to find anything, is that normal with the home ones? My midwife found it straight away. Anyways after nearly giving up I found the placenta it sounds like a wooshing noise and then the babies heart beat is like a thuding fast heart beat noise, does that sounds familer or am I going mad?

hi im 21 weeks with my first baby and i dont feel movement very often, some people think its crazy having a doppler but its the only thing that gives me piece of mind!! the placenta is the wooshing noise and the baby heartbeat like a horse galloping!....sometimes it takes ages and ages to find, my wee one is very hard to find lol but eventually i do even just for afew seconds b4 he or she wriggles off to hide! dont worry im sure everything is fine!

Where did u try? When I went hosp last week they found it after ages under my belly button area maybe a couple of cm....ah bet ur relieved now xxx

My husband has just tried and he picked it up nearly straight away, beginners luck I put it down to. I told him he should become my midwife as she is not use to me. He is tempted with the amount of holidays they get.

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my midwife told me that until your about 27 weeks its hard to keep a constant check on heartbeat as baby moves to much. and the best place to find the heartbeat is between the babys shoulder blades. if the babys comfy the position that should be is below your belly button . say 3cm below. its not much.

only now at 26 weeks am i feeling kicks and foot in ribs. and its none stop. to the point i cant relax with it. (maybe because i feel it alot more with being small) xx

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