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Midwife Appointments

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Soo im 26 weeks. had my 25 week appointment today.

Heard babys heartbeat for 2nd time (first time was in maternity ward last week). amazing sound. could actually hear it without him moving away all the time. it didnt last long though. he kicked the doppler away. Even the midwife was shocked at how strong his kicks are.

im all baby with my bump. My fundus measurement is between 21-22. at 26 weeks. Surely this should be a slight concern for them?

I havent been impressed by my midwife group at all. I see the consultant in 2 weeks time and the midwife is leaving all my bloods and next appointment upto them. and wont see me now until im 32 weeks. :/

10 Replies

The fact u lost so much weight in the beginning is prob why your small and if your quite small yourself maybe your have a smaller baby...tell them about your concerns xx

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Your slim & petite so they are probably not to concerned at this point your baby will grow a lot in the next few weeks. I had my app at 16w and she said I wont have another one with her until 25w. It seems such a long time to me. I rang my midwife for a bit of advice this morning and she is on holiday again for 2 weeks, I tell you I am in the wrong profession, this is her 2nd 2 week holiday this year. Not impressed with the care, it wouldn't be so bad if she wasn't the only midwife at the GP surgery.

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Yes im in the wrong profession too!! ;) i can never get hold of my midwifes for love or money. They just never answer their mobiles or ring you back. and i never find them much help when i go see them. its in and out.

i know im small and i did lose alot of weight through 1st trimester and beginning of 2nd trimester. so maybe its nothing to worry about. x

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Megzey in reply to laurah123

The community midwife told me if I was worried about the babies movements to do a pregnancy test to put my mind at rest. I am in shock.

How is your waters now are they still leaking?

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Seems to be that its not just my midwife who is very unsympathetic, i had to text mine (she said to text and not ring) when i was run down saying i was a little worried about just how tired i was and how sick i felt, and she got back to me 2 days later saying it doesnt sound anything pregnancy related hummm wasnt so sure myself.

Apparently we are suppost to get forms, a medical exception card and something to apply for free bounty packs from our midwifes i have had nothing off mine, at my 16 week appt all she literally checked was my urine and blood pressure, wouldnt check the heartbeat but this has since been checked with hospital GP, didnt check my weight either, i was so upset at how unsympathetic she was i left without asking any questions i had thought of and was in floods of tears

The nicest person i have met throughout my pregnancy is my hospital GP, spent loads of time with me and went through everyrthing i was worried about

x x x

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Megzey in reply to Flossy1688

Mat B1 form she should have filled out for you and then you can send it off to the NHS. I would ring and get one. I got my card through the post yesterday.

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DrFluffy in reply to Megzey

Are you confusing your Mat B1 and your maternity exemption card for prescriptions and dental care? Two different things. Your. Mat B1 is your notification to your employer that you are pregnant and is submitted at 25 weeks. Xx

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Megzey in reply to DrFluffy

Yes, I am getting confused. Its the maternity exemption form you want.

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my consultant and her team are great. couldnt ask for anything more with them. lucky i see them every two weeks.

Megzey my waters have stopped now. still on antibiotics though until friday. so hopefully i wont have anymore scares.

im now trying to deal with the severe sickness that is creeping back up :( god give me strength xx

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In most cases the baby will grow to the size of your pelvis. So if you're petite and particularly if you've got a small pelvis, you might find the baby is smaller. Are you managing to eat OK now?Maybe not if you're starting to feel sick again. I'm sorry to hear that you've been treated unsympathetically by your midwife. Having your bloods done by the consultant team might be a blessing as my friend's community midwife butchered her arm! Is there another midwife at your GP that you could talk to? xx

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