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One week on and still in hospital

Hi everyone,

well it's been a full week since I was admitted and I'm surviving.

I'm on the antenatal ward with 2 others and we are all here till delivery. All due in the same week.

Good news is placenta is not attached, but still have major placenta previa, I have been given a date for section of the 21st of June where I'll be 37 weeks. They are happy to leave me till then as baby will not need any special care and classed as full term.

So on countdown now 24 more sleeps! Also it is so quiet on the ward sleep has been no problem!

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Gosh - you are so lucky! The antenatal ward I was on was carnage! So busy and massively noisy (and that was from the luxury of my side room! )

Glad your placenta has not attached to your scar or uterine muscle! Wishing you a boring, uneventful month x


Glad your being looked after Hun. Enjoy the company from the ward and all being in the same boat possible friends after the birth :-) take it easy. Wishing you the best and look forward to hearing you d

Wavered baby safe and well in June, @ my due date 26th :-) xx


Bet that's a weight off your mind....great that u can relax too tc x


That sounds like a major relief and glad they are treating you well - i have had experience of 2 different hospitals and antenatel wards in this pregnancy.. 1 was AWFUL one was fantastic! Enjoy being pampered for a bit!


Good to know that you are being looked after by the hospital and they are keeping a close eye on you.

Bet it will feel strange when you finally get discharged when your baby is here. Bet your children are missing you. Hope you husband is coping O.K. with what it is really like to be a mummy.


Keep strong and positive. Your baby will be fine at 37 weeks, jet ad baby George by c-section last week at 35 weeks gestation



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