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Anyone any experience of a broken back and pregnancy?

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I broke a vertabrae in my back when I was 19 and have nerve impingement in my hip. Can cause huge problems at the best of times, but is normally well controlled. Now I'm 22 wks however, and getting really severe back pain and pins and needles in my leg as well as getting 'stuck' if I move into the wrong position. Has anyone suffered anything similar and is there any thing that would help ease the pain? I'm already suffering bad sickness and anemia that has me running back and forth to the doctors so this is something would like to get back under control asap.

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Hey, i have a history of back pain, although have never broken anything. I've been advised only painkillers can use is paracetemol and personally prefer to avoid taking that all the time. Not sure if would help you but hot baths can help a little, but moreso deep heat patches do me wonders- the type that go straight onto skin. it says on packet to seek medical advise first, my midwife said wouldn't affect the baby at all, obviously not to use on your tummy but is all good on your back. worth a try, great if eases it a little! Otherwise, physio exercises, which i haven't been very good at doing! i try to avoid carrying stuff n find that aggravates it now too, although sometimes easier said than done! Good luck, would say if gets bad, maybe try n refer to physio so getting the right help fast. Good luck!

I have got the similar pains since my week 22 (also being stuck in a certain position). I would advise to book an appointment with the NHS physio (in my area pregnant women can self-refer themselves, you may have a different procedure in yours).

I have to admit I never broke my back (the worst I had in my back is an RSI at the right shoulder).

But I am feeling lot more comfortable in changing positions etc, after following the general physio advise on it.

Thankyou. Deep heat can help a little but I was waiting to see the midwife before I used so maybe will try those. Hot baths, etc at the mo just aren't helping and paracetamol are no use, besides i don't want to take them either. Might be yet another trip to the doctor and see if can get in for some physio. i knew really is what needed to do, just fed up of going to the docs. Thankyou again

Hey! I broke my L2 when i was 15. (still fully able bodied)

At this age I never though to question how carrying a child would affect my back! i was left with pretty much constant pain and occasional numbness and pins and needles.

I discussed this with my midwife at the 1st ever appointment i had, she advised i should see a consultant anaesthetist to discusss epidural and other forms of pain releif in pregnancy.

She also advised such as starting early physio, swimming and pregnancy yoga if i felt i needed it.

I saw the consultatnt and he was amazing, my main worry was i couldnt have the epidural if i wanted one, good news is my break is above where the epidural goes so as far as thats concerned im 'normal' he gave some brilliant advice for later pregnancy and i would see if you can get a referral to see someone too.

Im now 34 weeks plus 5 and amazingly im ok, by no means is it perfect but its not as bad as i expected, i am generally very unconfotable and in considerable pain however i just try and put it to the back of my mind and focus on other things, take it easyy when ever i can and sleep on my side with pillows propping me up against my back, one under my bump and one between my legs

Do you use TENS at all, ive not used it in pregnancy but i know they are safe... i find it very helpful and a good metod of drug free releif!

Hope this helps, id ask to see an anaesthetist for sure, even if its just for some peace of mind


Thankyou so much.

Haven't come across anyone who's experienced anything similar thats said anything encouraging. The doctor just said oh it wont affect anything as if that was helpful. I've seen the midwife a few times but had so many other probs that while the pain for once was away haven't discussed it. Am seeing her tomorrow so will ask, especially about epidural.

I know it will always be painful, but I'm terrified of it getting as bad as when I first broke it as would mean losing the majority of use in my right leg. Not helpful when pregnant. Hope everything continues to go well for you x

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