Not feeling well... Heat Stroke Maybe???

Spent Sunday in the sun at the beach and although I had sun cream on (my daughters factor 50) and was only uncovered for about an hour I haven't half caught the sun on me shoulders, chest and back. My daughter on the other hand hasn't caught it at all. Maybe its my pregnancy hormones changing my skin and perhaps more susceptible to sun burn.

Felt ill all day yesterday with SPD, but also feeling sick, shaky, burning up, uncoordinated and dehydrated still not feeling great today although I am at work. Still feeling light headed and have had the occasional flashy eyes and dizziness do you think its just abit of sun stroke? (ridiculous in this weather I no but I am a red head and do burn very easily anyway) Or could it be something else more pregnancy related like my blood or sugar levels.

I'm drinking plenty water and eating regularly to try and keep myself together.

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  • I'm also a red head and burn very easily.. I can't sit out in the sun at all :( I would give your midwife a wee call and explain how your feeling.. either way I would get checked out just to be safe :) xxx

  • Hiya thanks for your comment, It a nightmare been a red head isnt it. I always burn easily but never suffered with sun stroke in Britain. Yeah I think I will see how I get through this afternoon whilst I'm at work and ring midwife when I'm finished just dont like bothering her I've only ever rang her once although shes lovely I dont like to contact them unless I feel its urgent. :-) xx

  • Sounds like sun stroke. Drink plenty of fluids. Your skin is so sensative when pregnant. If the symptoms persist for another 24 hours then just give your GP a call.

  • it is a nightmare.. i go from white to red to white again lol.. no colour at all unless from a bottle :) I know the feeling of not wanting to annoy them, maybe see how you feel in a while and if no better then give her a ring xx

  • If you don't have a temperature (typically above 40 deg C) it's not heatstroke/sunstroke. It's most likely you are really dehydrated though, and if you continue to feel rough it's always worth getting checked out sooner rather than later.

    Hope you feel better soon x

  • Thanks everyone really appreciate it. Av drink about 8 pints of water throughout today and feel a little better but still light headed. Will see what I feel like tomorrow and maybe get checked out. Ashy2005 I am the same white, red, white and again unless out of the bottle. Us gingers ehy. xx

  • Hi guys just thought I would let you all no am still not feeling great went to doctors yesterday had bloody pressure check and it was high so midwifed been out today to check it again and seams to be up still so staying home rest of week to relax. ( not sure how staying home will help me relax mind but gotta try) xx

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