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Could this be labour? :D


So i dont suppose anyone's up at this time but never mind.

I'm 39+4 today and I woke up about an hour ago needing to pee, which is completely normal for me. When I got back into bed, I had what I thought was a Braxton hicks, but it was a little painful which is unlike me, so I tried to roll over to shift positions (as i've heard they go away if you move about) and hopefully send the tightening packing. However, as I was struggling to roll, I felt a popping feeling low in my pelvis. I thought it could have just been baby James moving along with me, or maybe a gas bubble(?) and I shrugged it off. The hicks passed and I tried to settle back down. But then it felt like I was peeing myself a little, kinda oozing feeling and I couldn't stop it. So I went back to the toilet, tidied up and put on some clean underwear and a pad as my jammie bottoms were quite wet.

Is this the start of labour? Was that my waters? I'm still having what I assume are Braxton hicks now, which is why I didn't go back to sleep, that and I was really hungry!

I'm thinking of phoning the maternity assessment unit later this morning if it doesn't ease up, but it's the possibility of my waters having gone that frightens me most, I don't want James to get poorly before he's even born.

I'm trying to be considerate of my partner also. He suffers from epilepsy but only in his sleep. Most of the time it's controlled through medication, but we also have to make sure he's getting a decent amount of quality sleep, or it'll affect him the next night, so I don't want to wake him just yet. Plus he was going to go into work today for the last lot of overtime he'll be able to do for a while. So I don't want to disrupt that if it's all just warm up and not the real deal.

Gosh I waffle on sometimes! :)

Has anyone out there got any info on what the beginning of labour might be like? I know it's different for everyone, but I don't want to ring the midwives or wake hubby up if I'm just looking too far into this, because let's face it, at this stage in the game, I'm ready for him to come out now!

Thanks everyone! X

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Hi Hun sounds like your waters have gone best to make sure ring maternity unit to be assed. Hopefully pains will continue to get stronger and longer and closer together. Fingers crossed you may meet your baby sometime soon xx


Yeah just give them a call u can stay at home till pains get too baths only showers.....ohh exciting....sounds like ur be meeting Lil bubba soon xxxx

Hi!am 38weeks +5 and starting to notice little changes,occasional cramps,pains in my pelvis and back pain at night...but yours sounds like waters is gone and I would go to hospital for check up!am also occasionally wet down there but seems like a little incontinence too so sometimes is difficult to tell...good luck and keep us posted on your progress!

Ew exiting stuff good luck!x

Sounds like your waters to me, how exciting. Ring your hosp and tell them, they will either ask you to go in so they can have a look at you and check. If your waters were clear then they will probably send you home to wait for your contractions to start if you are not over 4cm dilated. If the waters were discoloured then they will probs keep you in and put you on the antinatel ward until your contractions start. Keep us updated, take care xx

Thanks everyone for the responces.

Well, after I posted that, I felt like I needed to use the toilet, so up I got and just as I make it to the bathroom- gush, all over the bath mat thankfully! Phoned up the mau, and have been down to see them. Was my waters! Eek! So excited and terrified all at the same time. I'm back at home now just letting the pains get stronger. When they get too bad I have to go back in, and if nothing happens by tomorrow I have to go in for 8 to be induced!

Eek exciting time hun. Wishing you all the best, keep us posted xx

awkk so exciting :) hope you get to meet baby James soon :) xxoo

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