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Has anyone suffered a miscarriage/ectopic pregnancy? When did you feel back to 'normal' and also when did your period's return?


My gynae told me to expect my period in a couple of weeks however I'm still waiting yet I'm also suffering from pains and my body is confused. Any advice would be appreciated.

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I had a m/c and my period returned after 30 days. I had been feeling weak for months and had mild cramps until I concieved again. Take rest and abstain from any sexual activity for at least four weeks. My doctor told me not to concieve a baby for six months.

I hope you recover soon...xoxo

Pycxie in reply to mamas

Thank you Mamas, my gynae didn't really give any other advice.

How long did it take you to conceive again?

I concieved after five months because my husband couldn't wait to cuddle his clone :)

She also advised me to eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, fresh juices, meat and poultry etc. You really have to eat healthy and give your body some rest. Also start taking some vitamin supplements.

I really want to start trying again sooner than later. As I really wanted this child once i found out I was pregnant and was pretty gutted when I was told I had an ectopic pregnancy.

I have a pretty healthy diet already but I might step up on the vitamins

Really sorry for your loss. I completely apprehend how you would be feeling.

I think it depends on how healthy you are. Usually they advise not to concieve for two to three months. Sexual activity may pose a threat of infection.

Pycxie in reply to mamas

Thanks Mamas, I've been reading up on my particular EP and general advice as you said is to wait 2/3 months, so I'm gonna wait until then. :) Hopefully this planned pregnancy will go pretty well. :)

hi yes i have had an eptopic id never heard of it before until i had it, i never thought id feel normal again as it broke my heart but i did and after 4 months istarted to take folicacid and irontablets to help me concieve and i did, i now have a nearly 5year old boy and hes amazing and im expecting again! there is light at the end ofthetunnel i never hought i could have kids and i couldnt have been more wrong <3 x

Pycxie in reply to vickykayden

Thanks Vicky, I hope I have the same luck and go on to have a baby...I'm stepping up my vitamins and folic acid so that I'm in tip top shape to conceive :)

Sorry for your loss. I had a mc on the 15th Dec last year, it was a natural mc that took just over 2weeks to clear. My periods had not returned so I took a test on 15th Feb and it was negative. I went to the docs and they said that periods can take up to 6months to return (at the longest). As I still had no period 14weeks later I got an app with the doc as I thought I had started menapause as no periods. They did a blood test and my hcg levels were high so they reffered me for a scan and I was 7w pregnant. I had ovulated and then caught without having a period.

I am now 18w 4days. It has been one bumpy ride so far. I hope you get the result you want. You need to keep your chin up & think positive:-)

Pycxie in reply to Megzey

Thanks Megzy, that's an amazing story and congratulations :)

Keeping my chin up and a brave face for the public....I just feel such a loss.

Hi, I didn't have a mc or ectopic, but I did have to have an elective termination as our baby had trisomy 13 and we were told the hole in the heart would mean the baby would not survive, so I do understand your loss, I never thought I would get over that pain and I carry it with me every day. That happened on the 4th feb and the consultant told me I only had to wait one full cycle. I have in fact had two and now we are expecting again. Very early days at only 4-5 weeks, but I'm positive it will all be fine. There seems to be many opinions on when you can or can't try again, I would double check with your gp before making a decision, but more importantly make sure you are emotionally ready too as, As happy as I am part of me knows the next 8 weeks are going to be tough waiting for the 12 week scan to find out how everything is.

Good luck xx

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