Well Tuesday is nearly here I'm so excited to c my lil baby never felt so excited with any of my others, I've felt so different not

Been sick but felt it craved cheese and ready salted hula hoops starting to show and feel the odd movements heard the baby's heart beat what a very active baby and it has a very fast heart beat can't wait to cee baby on the screen Tuesday and I'm 16/17 weeks so I'm hoping they will tell me the sex xxx


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  • Ah good luck with your scan, hopefully they will be able to tell the sexs for you. OMG you should well make a cheese & hulahoop sandwich that would be yum.

  • I'm gunna try tht bet thts really nice xxxx

  • Mmm cheese butties... :-) good luck with the scan enjoy watching your baby wriggle. Little tip hot tea with sweetener for a more active scan. Xx

  • Il try tht thank you x

  • Good Luck with your scan...I'm far too early for cravings, but even I want a cheese and hula hoop sandwich now! ;)

  • Must say cheese and hula hoops sandwich does not appeal to me.. :) way past the craving stage thank goodness.. Good luck with your scan :) hope you find out the sex, my wee man was too sleepy and wouldnt move to let us see so i went for a private gender scan the following week :) couldnt wait any longer xxx

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