Baby boy George.....The full story xxxxx

So I started this amazing, scary journey last year October 2012 when after 7.5 years of trying and one miscarriage it finally happened.

There has been major hurdles in this pregnancy which terrified me and made me feel soooo vulnerable , I dealt with all the usual, morning sickness, headaches, blocked nose, spd, mood swings, sore boobs, love/hate food, skin changes, weight changes, etc

The conditions that terrified me were,

Gestational diabetes, in the end I was taking 15units of insulin per day plus six metformin tablets per day.

Pre eclampsia, came on suddenly at 34 weeks, 4plus protein, headaches, bloated, felt ill, high blood pressure, double vision

Loss of amniotic fluid - I did not know that my waters were leaking from week 33, just thought bladder was a bit weak!

So 34 weeks plus six days went to the mau with all the above symptoms, and within two days my c-section was booked. Infact they classed me as an emergency.

So what what it like! A blur...... Everything happened so fast.....I stayed in two nights before my c section, had insulin given to me for 24 hours, then the next morning was the op, I was a bit scared about the injection in the back but actually it wasn't bad,

It felt weird having pope pull a baby from me, didn't hurt but just odd!

George was expected to be around six pound at 35 weeks as I was so big, but nope 4 pound 15 ounces, and no need for any special care, wow!

He is tiny like a doll, hubby had to rush out o get premature baby clothes and micro cute xxxx

A massive thank you to you ladies on here, you have been brilliant with advice and friendship, made my experience so much better

Love you all xxxxx

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  • congrats, sounds u have had a bit of a bumpy ride but I am sure when u look at George then it makes it all worth while, hope ur taking care and hope ur all well. xx

  • Ohhhhhh glad it all was ok in the end and mother and baby are ok, bet he is tiny my friend had a 5lber she was dinky...hope your healing well and feeling better, bet u can't stop looking at hm tc xxxx

  • Happy foru !!:))))

  • Now he's here all that troubled you during pregnancy will fade and in it's place your love for George will grow exponentially. Hope recovery goes well. Thank YOU for all your support through my pregnancy. Enjoy typing with one hand while the other holds your son!

    Squiggly and I send our love to you! xxx

  • AH been wondering about you, congratulations to you both xx

  • What a proud story. Congratulations I'm so happy that baby George is well and mum is back on the mend. And after the growth scan wow 4lb 15 so tinie tiny. Enjoy your start in motherhood and thank you for your advice and support I've enjoyed spending the last half year chatTing and commenting and sharing infomation. Wishing you the very best, allyemo1985 x

  • I'm so happy for you Hun, hope you're feeling better in yourself now for both reasons! You have your little man and on the road to recovering from all the things that were giving you grief! I still can't believe we were at the same stage and you're a mummy already! Hope you are loving it, which I don't doubt that you are! 4lbs 15oz how teeny but he's healthy and no special care which is great news, hope you are getting some well deserved rest but I'm sure George is making sure u don't :P so pleased for you and your partner congratulations :) xxx

  • congratulations to you and your lovely family! so happy for you.great news that baby george needed no special care. Its an amazing experience isnt it! enjoy this special time thank you for all your support over the last 9 months. lots of love xx

  • That's an amazing story. I knew you had miscarried but didn't realise you'd been trying for so long. George is a real blessing, very happy for you. Thanks for all the posts and information you've posted on here. Xx

  • Glad you've got your lil' bundle now hun. Congratulations.

  • Congratulations hun xx wishing you speedy recovery xx

  • Congrats my dear.

  • YAY!! so happy for you and little George :) :) congrats :) xxooxx

  • Congratulations, so happy for you and your hubby, welcome to the world baby George

    x x x

  • Aw wow sounds like a bumpy ride but you made it well done. Nothing better than holding baby for the first time after a long hard pregnancy yours sounds like my first I had keira in 2008 ar 34 weeks all we had was new born and 0-3 but with her been 4lb 3oz they went no where near and my partner also had to frantically rush out shopping keira was not much bigger than my partners hands but the cutest thing ever. Glad everything went well wish you all the best for recovery and the up brining lovely to had you advise here too. Congratulations again. Xx

  • oh wow, i somehow missed your big story!! Congrats, i'm glad all is well with you two, you must be so happy! Thanks for all your advice and warm wishes.

    I still have 10 weeks to go but can't wait!! xxxx

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