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Ovarian Cyst - Removal @ 16 Weeks

Hi Ladies, I need your advice, guidance and also experiences, if anyone has gone through this.

I'm 16 weeks and have two large ovarian cysts on my left ovary. I'm in pain intermittently and some days it's excruciating. I went to see my surgeon/doc at BUPA yesterday and he wants to operate and gave me two scenarios: These are:

1) I don't have surgery, I manage the pain for next 24ish weeks and in the mean time the cysts could/will likely become estrangulated, id be in agony for a week and I'd have to have an emergency op to remove by ovary/tube. Thus severely reducing my chances of more babies.

2) I have the surgery, which will reduce the cysts but hopefully my ovary will remain in tact and working fine. They will eventually come back after a year and after baby born, then they can fully remove the cyst and rebuild the ovary. The risk of having this done while pregnant is worrying, however my surgeon has assured me he is not aware of any miscarriages after his surgery in 2nd trimester in 10 years. What impact will the anaesthetic have on my unborn child?

My Partner is Italian and wants his uncle (in Italy) who's a doc (that has delivered all his families babies, but not sure what specialism he has) that could give us a second opinion. This makes me uncomfortable as I don't speak Italian and we don't go till 10 June! My doc said right now there is enough space as baby is only up to belly button, but as time goes on baby is getting bigger.

The surgery is booked for next weekend so I have time to think. After reading this what are your thoughts? I'm going crazy not knowing what to do for best.

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I would suggest maybe you take a second opinion from your partner's uncle or any other doctor that you trust.

and at the end of the day, it actually depends upon how much pain you are in and you can bear ! and also what are the risk of the cyst for the baby. Probably draw out pros and cons o f all the options you have.

At the end its a difficult choice - especially if you want to have more babies its really difficult to go with or agree to choice one (in my case, I dont want to have more babies, so I would have done what is best for my current baby! but also, I would have feared that if something goes wrong and I dont have my current baby or the possibility to having another one, that would have surely devastated me).

So i would suggest take more opinions from qualified surgeons and doctors before making a final decision !


I haven't had experience of this, but option 1 doesn't sound very appealing on the face of it. I'm guessing they wouldn't offer to put you under if they thought the anaesthetic would harm the baby. Maybe you could phone him and talk it through. Has he talked you through the risks? I'm having invasive tests this week and am having to face the fact that there's the chance I could lose the baby, so I understand what it's like to face a difficult decision. Maybe there might be others on here who might have had the procedure and can share their experiences. I hope you get enough information to make an informed decision. xx


Sorry I didn't reply - hellish week of on calls. Will do so now xx


Hi think you should have something done asap before pain gets even worse.although is always good to get second is growing and soon there wont be much space so better now.i had cysts on both ovarys 12months ago.they drained them through laparoscopy.lucky they were only filled with liquid.i was so happy to have it done as i had no pains after. I had pains after the lap.only but after it all healed i was like a new person..i've been told it could be hard for me to get pregnant after by one doctor.but my surgeon gave me 6months.he said i'll be like newborn cos after getting rid of cysts he cleaned everything inside(i had some lef overs after infections but cant remember the medical words he used).it took me 5months to get pregnant and 1month after i come of my pill.i know its different with you as you are pregnant now.but i had another laparoscopy done when i was 7weeks pregnant to exclude ectopic pregnancy.although the doctors said its not dangerous i knew i could miscarry my little bean as they had to put me to sleep and was an agony all that waiting game.week after week.but i was in my first trimester so chances were low.with you is better cos you passed that stage and have bugger chances.believe me they know what they doing.they are more careful when you pregnant.i was so happy that it wasnt ectopic that i didnt even think about the pain that caused.i managed without wasnt easy but it wasnt that bad.knowing that you've got little person growing inside you ,helps a lot.honestly dont wait till the cysts are too big.if you have this done now it will save you so much pain and you can concentrate on your babys arrival.i'm 27+3 now cant believe things i've been man would survive this physical and emotional situation.hope that whatever you decide its gonna be good for you and you gonna be pain free.if you have any questions you can inbox me.i know it seems scary but you'll be ok xx


My sister went for her dating scan last week. She was 13wks 1day when she was rushwd in to get two cysts removed. Besides a little abdominal pain she and baby are doing great xx


A very difficult decision, for me if I was in mega pain and I knew tat the cyst could be removed without danger to baby then yes I would do this.

If the pain was not an issue and the pregnancy can continue without hassle then I would wait till baby is here.

Definitely get a second and third opinion.

Good luck Hun, I really hope you get the correct advice :)


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