Quiet baby?

I'm nearly 20 week pregnant and in the last couple of days I've not been feeling the baby move. Even though in the previous week or two it moved every day. I suffer from constipation so can't be absolutely sure if the bubbles inside me are from digestion or the baby. Phoned my midwife but and left a message but nobody called me back. Had a whole can of ice cold lemonade and still nothing. Is it normal?


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  • Hiya, I'm 24 +3 weeks pregnant with twins and I have been having trouble feeling either one baby or none, like you I have always left it a couple of days. My midwife isn't very good at ringing back either! If I was you I would ring your hospital day assessment unit and if they're anything like mine they will ask you to come in that day and sort you out and listen in to your baby to put your mind at ease. I'm still having days where I don't hardly feel them and days where they're trying to burst out of my tummy lol!!! I hope you get sorted, take care xxx

  • Hi Hun wouldn't worry I didn't even feel baby move until around 24 weeks I'm no 35 weeks moves constantly and definite kicks in the ribs. Ouch.... Try not to worry baby is so tiny at 20 weeks as the weeks pass by you won't mistake them. Xx

  • Hey, I am 18w 2days with my 3rd and haven't even felt my baby move yet so I wouldn't worry and I am still in my normal clothes. I have been reading in mags & stuff that I should be feeling movement & in Maternity wear now but am not. It makes you so paranoid reading diff things. I am just thinking well I heard a strong healthy heartbeat ay 16w so am trying not to work myself up to much.

  • Hi. Thank you for your answers. I managed to calm myself down. I thought all this time I was so calm unlike all pregnant women didn't have any pain and this paranoia happened all of a sudden. I had a call from my midwife this morning who returned my message. She sounded like she heard this all hundreds of times before. My abnormality scan is next Wednesday. I'll try to stay calm and strong for the baby. Thanks again

  • With my first i had this all the time. The mount of time i went to hosp to get checked but she was fine. My midwife said its where she was kicking my back and i couldnt feel it. Its totally natural to feel worried hun i sat there cried so many times when my little one didnt move. I used to lay on my side and tuck my hand in and she sometimes kicked. x

  • I am 26 weeks and really only just starting to feel him every day, and my midwife said that this is really normal, he has started to have a pattern now, and likes to have a gd kickabout at like 4am but like I said this has only just started happening, this is my first so not sure what I am meant to be feeling and when, she just said that he sometimes might fancy a chilled out day and not wana move much (bit like his mummy) xx

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