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Help! Confused on dates :(


I had a break from my partner in November got stupidly drunk and slept with another man november 11th. Following Friday 16th took a pregnancy test because I felt nauseous and it came back positive. Got a clear blue digital test and it said 2-3 weeks. On November 20th I took another test and it said 3+ had a scan on 4th December because I was terminating the pregnancy and i was 7 weeks. The sonograph woman said my lmp was 13th october, however I'm not sure when it was. I had a 1 day light spotting in october that could have been implantation but then again not entirely sure :/ my question is...... Is my partner the father or mr November?! Please help I'm so stressed.

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Going by what you are saying it will be your partner as there was no where near enough time for the one night stand to have worked. Are you still pregnant? X

Yes, I kept the baby. I'm 32 weeks tomorrow

I thought you must have! Yes I would say your partner is the father he must have got you pregnant around two to three weeks before your first pregnancy test. Congratulations and try not to worry as that won't be doing you or baby any good xxx

It's just a horrible situation to be in, I've never had a one night stand in my life! And I was that drunk I can't remember nothing, hardly had anything to drink too, so don't know if it was maybe because I was already pregnant. Thank you for the quick response xx

You're welcome take care x


when I took my test it said I was 3+ and when I saw dr she said I was 6 weeks 3 days so going by what u were saying u were already pregnant when u slept with the one night stand. x

I would say it is your partners. There is no way your hcg levels would even be high enough to register on a test 1 week after an egg is fertilised in my opinion. Are you back with your partner now?

I would say ur partners xx

I would say your partners too, but I agree with the previous about not stressing too much. I think most of us have skeletons in the closet, shut the door on this one! 32 weeks not long now!

Yes we are back together. I can't remember having a period in october but my periods are sometimes irregular. How accurate are the early ultrasounds? Xx

I think the early ultrasounds are pretty accurate only a matter of days difference to my dates, the sonographers can tell roughly how far you are by what they see on the ultrasound they also measure baby ( once they can be seen on the scan of course ). Did you not have a later scan anyway eg 12 week as these would be a very good indicator! X

Yeah I've been getting scanned regularly because my first baby was born pre term. All the scans have been spot on. Just this niggling guilty feeling. Xx


I think you need to stop stressing out and try to forget about the past these things happen!! You need to concentrate on your family and think of all the great things to come in the future xx

I feel better now than I have in a long time! Thank you x x x

Just to echo everyone else, the baby is your partner's because HCG hormone levels won't be detectable using a pregnancy kit a week after intercourse. I'm glad you feel better now. Relax and look forward to the future. Happy pregnancy. xx

I have the same LMP as yours and can say for certain that the baby is your Partners !! I msg d you about it :)

Thank you for all your comments ladies x

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