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Is 3 weeks to early to take baby out?

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Wanted to go to a LLL meet today with baby, oh pointed out she hasn't had her jabs yet. As she was born small 4ln4oz she may have lower immunity to other babies. Do I have to wait until she's had jabs?

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I am planning to wait - before taking the baby in unfamiliar surroundings with strangers ( I am allowing only my mom and parents-in-law in the house as visitors by the time the baby gets her first jab) And all our friends have been made aware and requested to come after September, which they have agreed so kindly :)

If your breast feeding baby has some of your immunity long as other people don't handle her and cough or sneeze over her then I'm sure you would be fine..I won't have a choice but to take baby out as have to take kids to school swimming etc...x

I took my baby out a week after he was born. No one even said anything about waiting till injections etc.

I think its a gd idea to take her out or to have people round as it will get her used to these people and it will help her immune system getting her used to the different people and environments.

I'd take then out, but keep an eye out for people with coughs and colds, or any touch of a lurgy!

You can't lock yourself away for another 5 weeks! Go out, if you are going to baby groups most mums will keep poorly babies away anyway and I'd any visitors have been poorly don't let them in!

I was out with my baby a few days after he was born, fresh air does you and baby good so get out there!

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My friends came round with my son was a newborn and she brought her little girl round with her whoc had a terrible cough and was snotty and she was like running around everywhere, you go into proper protection mode around your baby with people with the lurg. I dont know why they think you would want them near your baby.

No it isn't its the mother who has to stay in for a week or so not baby :) xx

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