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Does anyone with strep b group was put on antibiotic throughout their pregnancy ?

I had 6 miscarriage in all my years of trying to have a baby, some of then through IVF but my last M/C was at 18 weeks with twins but was told I had strep b group and that's what causes my water to brake early, now am wondering if anyone had antibiotic from this early offset in pregnancy. I am always suffering from urinary tract infection during my pregnancy and I was tested for strep b in my last pregnancy. Now I am having my egg transfer next week and I am dreading each day as to what the outcome might be, I have been through many many hard journey in having a baby but I am not giving up hopes, even though am 43 I will not stop trying. God it's a hard road to travel.

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Ah bless you...I have strep b but they don't give antibiotics till I'm in labour luckily I have always made it till pretty much full term...can you not discuss this with your hospital I don't know what the procedure is but maybe they could give you antibiotics throughout your labour just to be on the safe side, I wish u all the best xx


Thanks, I am going to get the treated start as soon as it appears because it appears as if I am prone to it but chemist told me that you can be treated throughout the whole pregnancy with antibiotic whenever it comes up.


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