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Continuous problems

As you all may know... this isnt a plane sailing pregnancy for me.

im 25+4 weeks and today headed out the door to a meeting. I felt the urge to go to the toilet again when arrived.

as i wiped myself there was pinky discharge. (quite Dark), unfortunately i couldnt put a pad on as i dont carry any now. so i packed my knickers with tissue. sat the whole meeting for 2 and half hours. didnt move an inch. then came back to my office on a different site.

i felt the urge to wee again. this time the tissue was full of brown discharge, but there is nothing in my wee as usual.

I suffer with discharge anyway. and as doctor says 'its not uncommon'. but ive had UTi's before and think i am prone to them now.

i work in hospital, so have to go up to maternity ward to be examined. I know this sounds stupid, but im scared stiff of internals. and dont want any done. im sure they can monitor the baby for 10 mins and check my wee.

Baby has been quieter today which isnt like him. and i have had niggly pains in my belly!

i hope to god i have an easy labour or at least easy baby when hes out!!!

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Try not to worry about the discharge, it is common to have discoloured discharge in pregnancy. I had it later on with my 2nd and it turned to thrush so just be careful.


ive just come down to my office from maternity ward as im waiting to be seen by doctor. theres lucarlytes in my urine and something to do with the plug. so needs to be checked. but babys heartbeat is fine and so is he x


Ohh hope all is ok let us know how u get on xxx


Oh Hun let us know thinking of you. Xx


At least you were in the right place then to get checked out. Hope everything went well for you.


got out at half 8 last night. my waters were trickling slightly but the doctor seems to think they are ok now and has given me antibiotics to stop infection. i also have a cut on the neck of my womb, which ive had for years, and thats whats has caused most the bleeding throughout my pregnancy. x


That is good news (kind of) at least you know now to be armed with a pad. I bought a few new handbags last week and the first thing my mum said to me was 'make sure you put a pad in them so you are not caught short' so sure enough taking the old wise ones advice each one has got a spare pad in even though I daren't go out without one on now I am just to paranoid.


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