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Tmi but diarrhea and nausea at 31 weeks?

Hi ladies, I'll apologise in advance for tmi but starting to worry now.

For the last 2-3 weeks I've had persistent diarrhea and often waking in the night feeling very unwell, like I'm going to spend the night being violently sick (but I'm never actually sick, just bad diarrhea). I've been reading up on it and have found stuff saying that it could be a sign of labour soon? Is this true or just an old wives tale!? Also I had my whooping cough injection about 3 weeks ago could it be related to that? Should I be worried about how baby is doing, is she getting enough nutriance still? As much as I'd love to meet her I'd rather not go into early labour, shes still very small and needs to grow a bit more first! Thanks x

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You may have a tummy bug. Drink plenty of fluids that way you will know you and your baby will get the nutrients. Some ladies do have the poops before labour but it is just your body having a clear out. Ring your doc but I don't think they will be able to give you anything to settle your stomach.


Call your GP. They can check there is nothing serious and prescribe you hydration sachets.


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