Guess George will be born by c-section tomorrow .......35 weeks

Hi ladies

Well been in hospital for a few days due to pre eclampsia, blimey see me now, I'm three sizes bigger than I have ever been!

4 plus protien in urine

Waters are leaking




Black spots in eyesight

Fast pulse

Slightly raised bp.

So due to this I have been prepped, nil by mouth from midnight. And the best bit George will be here tomorrow :). I keep crying with happiness and relief as I knew I was getting worse by the hour!

Catch up soon ladies


Xxxx. Xx

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  • Good luck for tomorrow! And get well soon xxx

  • Been thinking about u today and wonderingif u were Ok as hadn't seen u on here! How exciting! !!! Going to be holding ur baby in urarms very soon. .. and bless you at least all the symptoms should go after baby is born, thinking of u all the best for tmw tc xxxx

  • Oh Hunni what a ride you've had over the last few weeks. I'm hoping everything goes well for you tomorrow... I'm so excited for you yay you finally get to meet baby George. Lovely name... :-) hugs xx

  • Good luck tomorrow, Hun!! How exciting! I'm getting impatient now, and have convinced myself something is going to go hugely wrong!

    Wow! Tomorrow you will have your little man in your arms!!

  • Wow! How exciting! Pleased you will have your little man in your arms tomorrow. Best wishes, will be thinking of you xx

  • SO exciting! And such a relief to get him out safely after a bumpy few weeks for you.

    Try to get some sleep tonight if you can. Good luck! Looking forward to your next update :-) x

  • How exciting! Welcome to the world George! Good luck and and all the best!

  • Argh!!!! How exciting!! I'm glad they are looking after you!

    Tomorrow is a big day... Be thinking of you xx

  • Sorry to hear you've taken a turn for the worse. Good luck for tomorrow, I hope all goes well. Thanks for your comments and advice. xx

  • Thank ladies, all my drips are in, ouch they hurt alot, I'm on a sliding scale insulin drip, having my second steroid injection at 3am for his lungs, had my antibiotic coz my waters broke, well been dripping for a week I thought I was just wetting my self a bit lol.

    My blood sugar levels are being tested every hour till tomorrow. I had fish n chips for dinner, nil by mouth from midnight. I'm second in for 9am, unless an emergency crops up, the section takes around one hour:)

    Don't think I can sleep but I will try.

    Hubby off home now to finish a few bits and chill out for tomorrow.

    Catch up soon xxxxx

  • Good luck for tomoz hope all goes well x

  • Hope everything goes well tomorrow and big hug to George! X

  • Good luck and all the best!!xx

  • Good luck hun. Hope everything goes exciting!!! xx

  • Aw so excited for you :) good luck and can't wait to hear all about him :) xxx

  • Good luck - hope all goes well! X

  • Good luck! And if you have a c-section you'll meet him half an hour after you go in :-) x

  • Aww thats great news, I was exactly the same with my first hun she was also delivered by section at 35weeks. Congratulations its the strangest experience you will probs ever go through but enjoy it.

    Thinking of you today :-) x

  • gd luck and congrats and hope George is in the world very soon, take care xx

  • Good Luck with everything! Hope it all goes well, and you will have your baby soon :)

  • Good luck. Hope all goes well for your new fam x

  • good luck!!! :) baby George will be here by now i suppose. and bet he is absolutely gorgeous. xx

  • Hope all has gone well, now the fun really begins! xxx

  • hoping all has gone well, dont think im alone in thanking you for all your lovely comments and advice

    excited for you

    x x x

  • Hope all is well with you now, Congrats to d new born baby welcome to d world.

  • ANY NEWS????? :-)


  • LOL, I guess baby George is in town by this because you posted it yesterday, Let's hope everything went well.

  • Hi Skyblueboston,

    Just logged on after a few days away from the computer, and saw your post! Hope all went well and you are enjoying getting to know little George :)


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