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Well lovely ladies, need some work advice. I am 12 weeks and just interviewed for a new job. I just got offered the job( all being well with references). I didn't tell them I am pregnant though. Should I of told them? Do I have to tell them straight away? I'm scared at what their reaction will be when I tell them as I have wanted this job for so long!! Hope you and bumps are all well :)


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  • Hard one. .. until the contracts are signed theni wouldn't say anything. . They wouldn't offer uthe job if they knew u were pregnant... Let's face it is all about money and they would have to cover u when u went on maternity. .. so if u really want this job then I'd keep quiet x

  • yeh...tough one, what is ur companys policy on maternity pay as my company u have to have been there 6 months before u can get maternity pay, obviously if urs is different which it may well be? x

  • I start next month, I'm not really sure as it is with the NHS. It's the job I've been working my ass off for for the last two years! So happy but so scared they will say no if I tell them I am pregnant! I'm not sure about leave ect, I don't really care as long as I can stay in the job, my partner works offshore and he is happy enough to cover us money wise just so long as I get into this job as been working so hard for it!!

  • well if money is no problem (as that wud be a concern if I was in ur position) then wait till u have signed contracts and then say, but before u have signed contracts and u tell them they may withdraw the offer so just wait until the contract is signed, ok they may not be best pleased but if they can see u have been working hard then hopefully will b ok x

  • within the NHS you have to have worked at your job for 26 weeks before the 15th week prior to your baby being born before your entitled to maternity pay. so it wouldnt be an issue. as getting a cover in doesnt mean they are paying out twice. x

  • I was in a similar position. I had an interview for my first registrar position (and a very prestgious academic clinical fellowship) in December, found out I was pregnant 4 days before. It was very early days, so went ahead, not expecting to be successful as there were only 4 positions for the whole of London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex!!!. Got the job (dream job!!), and felt torn regarding just accepting it. Spoke to the BMA whose advice was to accept it if I wanted it, so I did so. I then waited til I had hit the 12 week mark, and made an apt to go and see my new boss to be. I was so nervous, but he was lovely about it! He called the Deanery there and then to arrange locum cover for my maternity leave, and went through a list of current registrars - pointing out the mums and dads! He was also quite well versed in local nurseries! It was such a relief!!!

    At the end of the day, you got the job based on your ability - you should be able to accept it with confidence! I totally understand your apprehension though!

  • I would say tell them - think of it from employers' point of view, you would wan to know the medical status of your employees as soon as you can - not telling them risk a mistrust.

    If i were in your place i would have told them, also would have done my homework on companies Mat pay policy and decided weather i want to make use of it or not and would have even suggested already my leave period and in case (it is a not so big organization or something which works on referrals - i would have even offered help in referring someone who could have replaced me)

    Honesty is the best policy :)

  • I wouldn't tell them till ur showing ! if you are going for a totally new job , different company etc... u wont qualify for maternity from them anyhow but u should get mat allowance which isn't that much less .

    I was initially made redundant in dec, found out 5 days later I was pregnant ! they were still looking for suitable alternatives for me but had been looking a month and nothing come up so had to give me contractual notice , lucky for me i got a transfere last min. by this time I was 8 weeks pregnant , I didn't tell anyone till I started showing at 14 weeks ( I was going away for 2 weeks and the way it was popping I thought it would have been blatently obvious by the time I got back or i probably would have waited a couple more weeks ) as it was the same company I still qualify for all my benefits ! when I told them I was pregnant they made all the right noises but cant imagin there happy with it , but they cant do anything about it .

    u don't have to tell ur employer till 20 odd weeks .

  • Legally you don't need to tell them during the interview process and they are certainly not allowed to ask. You were offered the job on your ability, just because you are pregnant does not mean you should be discriminated against, that includes being forced to reveal information under pressure or duress from others, no matter what people say they would do. Congratulations on being offered the role, ask to see the contract, this will include details on the trial period that you can walk away. During this time understand the company's maternity pay, usually this is 26 weeks at the company before birth, before you are eligible, read up on when they require you to tell them of your pregnancy in my work, that is 18 weeks before birth. You don't need to tell your boss for a while yet, the sooner you do, the sooner they can do a risk assessment on you. You are not the first woman to be in this situation and certainly not the last. People's opinions of woman, pregnancy and working are still limiting people in your situations. Good luck in what ever you do and again congratulations on being offered the role.

  • Sounds like a good job!! I wouldn't tell them but let them know obviously before you start showing .

  • Not sure what to say re telling them but in terms of mat pay it seems a little unclear. Obviously it depends on their policy but legally they arent obliged. You would def be entitled to maternity allowance so if you would only get SMP you only miss out on the6 weeks at 90% however if you get an enhanced package where you are currently you could miss out on a lot. Personally I would say. I usually am emplyed by small businesses in the private second and due to previous bitter experience know they can get rid of you within a year without giving a reason. I think tjey would be on a sticky wicket if you were pregnant as you could try and claim discrimination but if anything like that did happen it would be stressful at a time you should be concentrating on you and baby. Good luck with your decision. x

  • You don't have to legally tell your employer until 25 weeks, unless you feel you are undertaking tasks that may put your baby, or your health at risk, then it's worth saying something. At the end of the day it's a job and if you've worked so hard to get it you deserve it, regardless of being pregnant. I would just be careful and wouldn't mention anything until you've signed a contract because some companies (although they shouldn't) can find loop holes to retract the job offer.

    I was 6 weeks pregnant when I took my new job (although I wasn't aware I was pregnant at the time) so it means I won't receive maternity pay from them but I will receive maternity allowance from the government - worth having a look on their website if you're unsure of what you're entitled to :-)

    Hope that helped!

  • Do you feel guilty about not telling them? I would keep quite for now. Being pregnant shouldn't taint there view on whether or not you are eligible for the job or not have you had your 12week scan? If you have worked your butt off and want the job then go for it, you are going to be in it for a good few months before you go off on Maternity leave, don't know where you will stand with the pay when you go off so might just get smp which is better than nothing. You will have your dream job and best of all a baby.

  • No I haven't had my dating scan yet, I've just worked so hard for this and I don't want to loose it just because I'm having my baby. I am really scared they will find a way to get rid of me, I will be so upset if I loose it because of this. I'm completely stressing myself out thinking about it!

  • Hi Mango401, as some others have said you don't legally have to tell your employer until 25 weeks, and maternity/pregnancy it's one of the protected characteristics for discrimination, so although anything is possible, if they retraced the offer after you tell them or try to dismiss you if you tell them when you start then you'd have a very strong case for tribunal, and the nhs will know that, so I wouldn't worry unduly.

    Congrats on getting the job. X

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