Soft Cup bras.... Opinions please!

I am quite a large chested lady anyway... and obviously now I am 22 weeks I am growing!! Underwired bras have started to become really uncomfortable and I am thinking I need to start getting some soft cup bras. But I am really concerned about the amount of support I am going to get and it they are going to be comfortable. Has anyone else had similar concerns??

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  • I hated those grand-mom bras - so when I went to shop for my new size I still bought the under-wired ones, snipped it at one of the end of the under-wire - pulled the little wire out and I am happy as ever :) - Also the Undre-wired one with additional push-up support (the tiny belt like structure just below the cups) are really good - My size is now 36DD (just to give an idea that its not that small either)

    But if you are really big-chested than you may want to have sports bra instead

  • Hi gem gem. I was a 34c before pregnancy but within 2 months was a 34F. So spent a while looking for a good maternity bra. I bought a couple of no underwire softcup from bravissimo but quite honestly don't rate them much. I recently bought a normal underwire from M&S and I don't feel any more or less comfortable in either. My thoughts are as long as it fits you properly it doesn't make a difference what bra you wear, it's always more comfortable for me without one so I take it off and wear nothing when I'm at home x

  • I brought some M&S maternity bras at the weekend, after lots of research and trying on of different makes in different places, as I thought the underwire in my usual bras was beginning to irritate, that said the new ones are no different so I think I'm going to stick with my usual bras. I was a 30G/32G pre-pregnancy, and will probably need to go up a back size soon as, at 31/40, my rib cage is beginning to adapt to Flump and widen. Plan to breast feed so will probably need to revisit the maternity bra issue at some point, but they're just not manufactured to give adequate support to bigger boobs!

  • I went to debenhams yesterday and they had some lovely maternity and nursing bras looked well comfy...and went up to bigger sizes, they had cotton or soft moulded ones both looked very comfy around £19 if I remember correctly xx

  • im having same issue. i actually have implants. so with them i was a 30DD. im currently wearing a 32F bra and its on the loosest catch. yet my boobs are aching and feeling heavier again now (just like last time when i had to change bras). so got feeling im going to have to get another bra. as i have implants i feel wired bras help with more support for me, xx

  • Hiya, I had a similar problem but went to marks and spencers and got measured up and the lady said as I was large chested the maternity bras wouldn't be much good. So she brought some non wired large bras for me I tried them on and they were great really high up away from my bump and really comfortable!! They were pretty cheap too :) and they actually look like they will last the rest of my pregnancy aswell.

    Good luck x

  • I managed to stay in my normal bras until quite late in my pregnancy (underwired) but didn't really want to get measured and get new bras until after I'd had my baby because I was certain that my boobs could still get bigger and I would end up having to buy yet more bras. So for the last couple of months of my pregnancy (and for a couple of weeks after baby was born) I was wearing some great £3 comfort bras from Primark (soooo comfy), I still wear them now but only at night, and of course they stretch with you, so they lasted me until I went to get measured for some proper nursing bras after he was born. Of course it may be different if you are larger chested as you may need more support, but these cheap comfort bras might be worth checking out for the time being because I think it's quite hard to tell exactly what size your boobs will be after baby is born and you don't wanna waste your money x

    My actual nursing bras are from M&S though and they're great x

  • John lewis are great for fitting and advice although not sure about range of mat/nursing bras. You can wear underwired but must fit correctly, and more potential for them to damage if they dont. But you will need nursing bras (not underwired) if planning to breast feed.

    But somehow lack of support I dont remember being so much of an issue after baby born, poss bigger things to think about, I dumno!! ;-)

  • Hi

    I am now at 31 weeks a 32 H having gone up from 30FF pre pregnancy and anything over a G cup you cannot buy in the high street - if you are up to a G cup - Freya do a very nice moulded bra from bravissimo which is basically like an underwired bra but with no wire and gives fantastic support - i have found this very comfortable (its a little large in the cup so although in other bras im an H I am still fitting into this) apart from that I find if you buy a decent quality bra then it should give u enough support. I am now at the point where I need to think what size will my nursing bras be if im already and H - OUCH! at least my husband seems to be enjoying the change - I am definately not!!

    Check out the link:

  • My breasts were so painful from about 6 weeks that I changed to soft cups then. I'm 36 D and the Debenhams ones have been absolutely brilliant for me.

  • I'm 14 weeks and suffered from painful boobs for a while so reluctantly ditched my usual underwired bra (size 36 DD) and bought soft cups from mothercare. What a revelation! Instant relief! Very supportive and reasonably priced. In fact i paid £8 for one of them! Much happier and well supported. Cannot recommend highly enough. Go for it!

  • Hi ladies, just wanted to thank gem gem for asking this brilliant questions and you all for our answers. I'm 16 weeks, 36e and growing, my under wired bras are killing me now and I've been struggling to find non wired in bigger sizes on high street that also dont cost the earth as i'm sure i will need to buy more esp as i wish to breast feed. I will now try m&s, and Debenhams tomorrow.

  • I was a 30GG and have gone up to a 34J (23weeks). Like you, I was reluctant to ditch underwired bras but eventually cOncluded they were just too uncomfortable. Although my underwear selection wouldn't win ant prizes on the looks front the bras I've hot are actually pretty supportive. The best I've found is the jasmine by Royce.

    Theres not much choice when you get into these type of sizes so the ones I've got ate mostly nursing bras.

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