25 weeks!!!!

25 weeks!!!!

well as you can see from picture i am still small for 25weeks! but can feel every movement of bubz. He is a right wriggler.

its amazing to think that a few weeks ago i was in hospital suffering and had no excitement or passion about this pregnancy. Now the tables have turned and im enjoying it as i should be. (probably not as much as my mum mind)

next week i have my 25 week midwife appointment and i finally get to listen to bubz heartbeat!! its been a long wait. then in 3 weeks time i see my consultant and get my date for being induced!

im hoping baby will be ok when im induced as he is small and due to the steroids i was on i was expecting he would be HUGE!!!

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  • I am 24+3 due sept 7th so we are very close in dates, u have such a lovely bump, I hav suddenly got huge over last few days and when in shower can no longer see my toes lol, i am not the smallest of people anyway (size 16 pre pregnancy) although am still in size 16. Hope ur well and u will love hearing the heartbeat its so lovely, i am having a boy too!! xx

  • we are close in dates. im due 1st september but being induced. I feel like im huge some days but looking at photos im feel tiny. and my bump just seems to have stopped growing last few weeks. i lost 2 stone during first trimester due to hyperemesis.

    Hope your doing well. Im trying to be positive and say 'wooohooo not long left' but it does seem long lol. Hopefully my Charlie will pass time quickly and be here in my arms xx

  • ahh its that what your naming your little boy, Charlie? if so thats a lovely name

    x x x

  • Yep Charlie. i have thought of soooo many names. and i always seem to revert back to Charlie. even though close second is Jax. i bet when he is in my arms he wont be any of the ones i liked originally. and definately not look like a Charlie. lol. just my luck xx

  • i lost about a stone due to morning sickness but am doing gd now, hope ur feeling btr now. there isn't long left i am just taking it week by week as this yr has flown by so quick already, ahh Charlie, what a cute name, i think we have settled for rory xx

  • i like rory. its different. and a good thing that you dont hear many little boys called that!

    your right, this year has flown by so far. i have 10 weeks left in work as well. so hopefully they will go quick for me. it helps everyone in work is planning my last day and what we will all do, and also sweep stake on how long im in labour for. so thats helping lol.

    they do want me to work up to my induce date, bring my bag to work and casually walk up to the maternity ward when im ready. (or be wheeled up by one of the managers).

    Least they can all laugh!! xx

  • Wow you look great but bless you loosing that much weight! You must of felt so rough! I'm double the size of you! But I was overweight to begin with! I'm 12 stone now and that's what I weighed when I was full term with my boys! I'm being good now but the first 6 weeks could not stop eating and that's why I put on another stone....I eat normally now and have found my size 14jeans are big on me and have managed to get into a pair of size 12's I felt so bloated before but feeling better now x

  • P.s I know a Rory and he is lovely...

  • them 10 weeks will fly by, i am leaving work on 14th august, so still have about 12 weeks left but again it will go quick. ahh thanks yeh i think its quite a cute name and so far the only one we can agree on lol. xx

  • You have got such a neat little bump. I love the name Charlie, thats what my dads nick name for me is dont know why he couldn't just call me by my real name but never mind.

  • thank you. everyone is shcoked when i tell them im 6 months pregnant as im so small. goes in my favour at times ;)


  • hello :)

    I cant believe that you have a tiny bump at 6month, its so cute :)

    im due on 8th september & im huge, 3rd pregnancy tho & my daughter&son was over 10lb

    im a healthy size 12 to.

    take care x

  • Wow you look fantastic. You are so lucky. i feel like I look like a hippo. I am normally size 12 but now buying dresses for 14/16. I cannot find any maternity trousers that would fit me so I am just wearing dresses and skirts. I have already put on a stone as I have not been as active as I would normally due to initial sickness that stopped me going to the gym. Now i am only cycling to work and play tennis twice a week and I have the occasional swim. Luckily it is mainly my boobs and stomach that have grown. Regards x

  • my boobs have grown dramatically. and still continue to explode out!!!

    my bump however is short fall behind it. im still in my size 8's. jeans seam to be a little tight on bump but baggy on my legs. and i find it much more practical to wear leggings and they are more comfortable x

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