My little one is so quiet

I am now 22 weeks and only feel movement ever now and then. Some people say should feel like a boxer now. I constantly worry

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  • I'm a week behind you with my second baby. My son was a real fidget, I've looked back through my baby book from last time and I was writing about big powerful kicks and rolls - constant moving! This baby is much much quieter, I have the odd nudge throughout the day, and some kicks later in the evening when I'm sitting down but hardly anything.

    It can be worrying but I've come to the conclusion that all babies are different and have different patterns. Plus lots of factors can affect how much movement you feel - baby's position, the position of your placenta etc. remember that our babies are still very little so we'll probably feel more as they start to get cramped! By around 28 weeks it is more common to start noticing movement patterns.

    I'm sure he or she is wriggling about quite happily in there so try not to worry too much x

  • Thank you so much for the reassurance x

  • my 3 yo was very quiet throughout pregnancy and I worried he wasn't moving as he should but he was fine and is very laid back , ur still quite early for regular strong movements , probably 1st felt my son around the same time . iv felt movement from my little girl from 16weeks and shes rarely still ! got a proper live wire this time ! im now 26 weeks.

    I wouldn't worry yourself at this stage , later on I was told 10 movements in 24 hrs was fine and each and every movement counted as 1 .

  • Thank you so much for your reply x

  • Ah don't worry Hun. I hardly felt anything at this time with all three I'm now 34 weeks and since 28 weeks its been constant. X

  • Thank you for the reply. It's reassuring x

  • your welcome hun x

  • Nope they are wrong! I started getting a proper kick from 28 weeks, before then it was flutters and the occasional little kick :) from week 28 you should feel 10 movements every 12 hours x

  • That sounds alot like mine. Feels better to know others are the same. Thank you x

  • who are wrong ? I have had proper kicks for weeks ! my mum saw belly ripples from baby movement about 4 weeks ago and my boyfriend felt her kick 3 weeks ago and im only 26 weeks , this is my 2nd so I know what to expect . even at this stage my baba moves and kicks a lot more than my 3yo son ever did at any stage of pregnancy! I was told 10 movements in 24hrs was fine , my cousin however who has GD was told 10 movements in 12 hrs !

  • Ah try not to worry you will drive youself silly. At 22week your baby still has abit of room in there to move about so may not feel everything all the time. Past 28 weeks you will start feeling more as the less room they will have to squiggle about.

  • Thank you for the reassurance x

  • Also depends where your placenta is I think. Mine is at the front so the midwife told me I might not feel too much kicking until baby is bigger. I'm currently 22 weeks and feel the odd flutter. Everyone is different so try not to worry x

  • Thank you cheeky for your reply x

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