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Private Birth

Hey ladies, does anyone has any ideas on Private birthing centers in Edinburgh - just researching to keep my options open (have read some real horror stories about Royal Infirmary Simpson's center recently, which is bothering me now)

I am looked after by Community mid-wives and they are not very responsive when I want to discuss my birth options (last meeting I was told that they would have no role in my birthing process so its anyways not a great idea to discuss it with them) My birth-plan notes in my file remains to be empty and I am 31 weeks now. (my next appointment is at week 34 with the community mid-wife again, so again no chance for discussing the birth-plan I guess).

I have no idea of when I would get to meet anyone from the Simpson's center and my CMW told me - at the time I am already in labour :O (WTF - when do I discuss my options and what I want to do - she gave me no clue and said I should wait for it untill wk 36 - I think that is insane)

I dont really have an option to change my mid-wife as on my last 4 appointments (Starting from booking appointment) I have met 4 different mid-wives with 4 different student mid-wives (so whom do i change, all 4 of them, the chances are high that I would anyways get to meet a 5th new mid-wife in my next appointment.

And honestly I am getting a little sick of it in my head !

Same story goes with my GP - I have never seen the one mentioned on my NHS card - registered with the University Health Center living within 0.7 miles radius of UHC I dont know if I can change my GP surgery (tried to ask the UHC receptionist about it - she gave no further clue) - and I have seen 3 different GPs a 3 different occasion and one of them is completely useless (I told her I am feeling UTI symptoms and she said I should wait for my next mid-wife appointment to give my Urine samples - that was when I was week 14 - so at week 16 meeting, I gave my samples but they were "damaged" - thankfully either I was not having UTI or it cured by itself as I increased my cranberry juice intake those days and got little more paranoid about toilet cleaning which freaked my husband)

i dont want to panic or be rushed or pushed into things before realizing and evaluating fully what my options are but here with NHS system I am just feel like I am being herded like a sheep in a certain direction and I have no clue where I am headed.

So any help or suggestions would be truly welcomed !!

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When you go into labour and arrive at the hospital the midwife assigned to you will ask you your plan for labour and birth.

However in my experience I discussed it with my community midwife too - however my birth plan was to go with the flow and see what happens!!

It's unfortunate that you've seen so many midwives, I would insist at your next appointment that you go through your birth plan and ask questions that is what they're are there for.

Good luck x


Hiya, I think it is about £2000 for a private birth with no complications, obviously if the worst comes to the worst and you have to have a C-Section in theatre the amount will go up.

My community midwife will not be at the hospital I have chosen to give birth in either (thank goodness). As soon as you arrive in labour ward you will be assigned a hospital midwife. Why dont you write down yourself and put it in your file what you would like as if you are in established labour when you get in you will not feel like talking or going through a POA. Do you want to try the water pool with Gas & air with only Gary Barlow playing in the background???? Do you want an Edipdural as soon as you feel a ounce of pain?? I would recommend Pethinadene it is amazing stuff.


Thanks ladies - I can actually rant a little more about it !!

To start with Ii have never been to hospitals (except for looking after my grand-dad 10 years ago) - have never had any accidents or broken bones - so have no idea about physical pain and its intensity (yeah! lucky me) but on contrary I also dont know what do you do to relieve physical pain - and what options would surely work on me. Which wont.

With morphine and poppy kind of drugs - what are the quantities that they give you - honestly I have used these drugs in occasional rave parties during my early 20s but the joints and smokes atleast dont get me high even - My system might be little too tolerant to drugs (it is to alcohol for sure) so I again dont know if they would actually work (maybe I am just being paranoid) - and on the other hand I dont want to have a intoxicated or drunk baby !

Also 26 wk check-up was disaster when she tried to take my bloods for check-up (infact each time I am poked with needle it is a disaster - i hate them ! ) - but atleast 2 or the 4 midwives that I have met were not able to locate my veins before poking needle into me (and they bruised me so bad that I have now got a lump kind of thing at the inner side of my right elbow after having blues for 2 weeks - so something was surely wrong in there ). The other two never tried - so in a way 100% failure in finding my veins !

So if they cant locate my vein in a normal time, how would it be possible for them to locate a vein during labor and what if they inject stuffs in wrong places. Good God ! I am really at my paranoid level 7 or 8 right now !

I googled about Private clinics in Edinburgh and came to a recent blog which says that there is NO private maternity center in Edinburgh - it said that they have private ante-natal and post-natal care but to give birth its JUST NHS (st John's or Simpsons' center) - Is that true ? Am I living in Jungle ???


Hi Ritz,

I can't help you with advice about a private birth - I'm lucky enough to have a small birthing centre nearby which I love! However I really recommend that you book yourself on to an antenatal course - I did an nct course which was great but I'm sure google will give you alternatives to choose from. You're asking exactly the questions I was about pain relief etc and we went through all our options plus loads of info about looking after a newborn. I felt SO much better afterwards! They can sometimes arrange tours of your maternity ward which would be helpful for you too.

Good luck, it sounds like your midwifes are a bit 'stretched' to put it mildly! X


Trust me the drugs will effect you that they offer you in the hospital. When you are in pain you wont mind them putting a needle in your leg that will be the least of your worries. To give you pain relief like pethadine I am sure they just injected it into my leg. It took the edge of the pain and allowed me to get some rest as I was only 5cm dilated when I got into hospital. It can make the baby drousey as I think they only give it to you if you look like you are more than 4 hours off giving birth so not to effect the baby when it is born. Dont quote me on that though.

Do your hospital not do anntinatel classes that you can attend, think they do these from when you are 36weeks and you can have a look around the labour ward etc and you will get to meet a hospital midwife who after the class you can maybe have a chat with.


Thanks a lot Megzey and Don88,

I would call them tomorrow at Royal Infirmary and DEMAND them to put me on the classes and answer my questions. they sadly dont have these ante-natal classes at University Health Center (not that I am made aware of atleast).

Also made a booking today with PregnancyYoga guys (although I know Yoga myself - thought that would help me meet other mothers and the course is run by some experienced mid-wives so probably they can answer my questions)

If however, the situation continue, I might just fly back to my Parents in India (although dear husband is also now looking for options for us to give birth in his country - Netherlands - but we dont know if its the same or similar public health system there too - which would mean being lost again !) the only worry is that if I go to India the administrative process to get our child a Dutch citizenship would be enormously painstaking and can be as long as several years ! and flying back to UK with an Indian Baby and wife without us having a residency permit document is again going to put our lives and professions into too much of administrative hassle !!

I just hope that my fears are all false and things work out as they should ! My husband was already teary eyed on the possibility of living away from me and the baby during the initial months (I know how hard he has worked to prepare himself of separation from both of us around May next year, when I would need to go for my essential field-work for a minimum of 6 months - would hate it myself to be away from him !)


Here's the link to the nct Edinburgh page just in case you're interested

They are paid for classes but I'm sure they're cheaper with a private birth, or jetting off all over the world to give birth! Remember that thousands of women must give birth in Edinburgh somehow - I can't believe this information isn't more readily available to you, I really hope you make some progress soon :-)

Enjoy your yoga, I just did a DVD at home last time but am joining an aqua-yoga group this time, hopefully it'll help my achey back!

Take care x


Dons88, Thanks a ton hun ! I have now registered interest at some of the courses they offer. I hope it all goes well (I think unfamiliarity with the medical process is my real cause of stress - and ofcourse the best would be to know them )

Thanks again !


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