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Anyone due around middle of August?

Hi!I have been wondering if there are many of you due at around this date since is my due date.I would like to ask how are you feeling at this stage...I have not feeling great...lots of anxiety,sadness,very tearful,thinking way too much and worrying.I don't understand what is wrong with me,feeling guilty because I so wanted this second child and I think I should be happy all the time!Worried that things get worse after the birth because I'm in the Uk just with my husband and daughter.No support of any family members or friends.....I just want to feel well and happy!


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Hiya.i'm due on 22/08.dont worry you are not alone with your mood.i feel the same.especially in last few days.i just cant get the vision of labour out of my head...i'm so scared that sometimes i cant breath.but i'll mention this to my midwife next week(i hope for c section as my first one left me with traumatic memories).i moan at my partner probably for no reason,i get angry and frustrated.bless him for staying calm and you i dont have family here as i'm from abroad.and thats another reason i get mother in law is wonderful and always helpful but it annoys me that my mum and dad cant be here when i need them.but it was my choice to come to the Uk and have my own family here.its hard and i know how you feel.i dont really have real friends over here (i thought i did but last few months showed me who my friends are).i talk on Skype to my girlfriends,parents and being on this forum helps a lot.everyone is wonderful here :) how's your pregnancy so far?did you have any problems?i had issues from day one but hopefully thats behind me now.if you ever wanna talk privately,you can message me hun :) xx


hey due 23 aug with my very much wanted 2nd , we tried for 2 years .

I had emergency section with my 3yo so hopefully ( see my question today ) will be planned in for elective at 39 weeks , 16th aug .

im not feeling as excited as I was with my 1st ! i think because you kind of know what to expect , labour , delivery , sleepless nights etc... everyone else is looking forward to it and im making myself feel bad for not ! ur blissfully unaware when expecting ur 1st of the pressures you feel , this time im having a baby cos ultimately I wanted another child , when I wanted my son I wanted a baby ! u know what I mean ? I allways wanted kids and used to envy pregnant women with their big bumps but found the reality not too pleasant and after having my son when i saw heavily pregnant i felt sorry for them ! and think u might think its bad now wait till there here , u have no idea what sledge hammer ur gonna feel like you've been hit by , presuming they were 1st time mums !

i think its partly because I had a tramatic delivery with my son and although my boyfriend was around he wasn't much help and because he was around others presumed I didn't need them ! I took it all upon myself even though I was recovering from the section and overall its not a time I look back on with much joy, except for the fact of my son ( which is y we go through it in the 1st place ) and i would do it a million times over ( I can say that now ) but it was hard at the time . I think I will ask / accept help this time .

also I really wanted another boy and were told its a girl which obviously is a blessing and as long as shes happy and healthy I will b too but when I go shopping for her I get sad im not buying boys stuff , believe me I know how lucky I am and again I make myself feel bad cos I feel like im being ungrateful which im not . Im kind of expecting once I see her all the bad feeling will melt away , I don't think I feel as bonded as I did when expecting my son ! having said that I didn't get the rush of instant love with him , I got that when he 1st smiled at me : )

I think I worried more about the pregnancy this time 2 , and had pretty horrible morning sickness .

any of that relatable ?


Yes I tought I had 1 really good friend here too,until I got pregnant..I speak to my family on skipe but it' s never the same.I have lost my mother almost 2 years ago and it hurts more than ever.All the family(mine and my husbands are from abroad).I am really worried about the labour too.Terrified.And I just didn't have anyone that could stay with my oldest when the time comes (my husband will be with me at labour).I believe that this situation really brought me down.Made me realize just how lonely and hopeless I am in here.But everything is just fine until now with the pregnancy and baby.But it's been very different from the 1st.I felt well all the time,happy,beautiful.This time I feel down most of the times,feel like a balloon and just ungrateful.It took me a couple of years to get pregnant the first time and only a couple of months this time

Yes to me my 1st pregnancy was just wonderful.Why can't I feel the same this time?

Thank you for your kind words girls.


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