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Second miscarriage. anyone knows a fertility clinic in London where I can contact

Unfortunately I had a second MC a week ago. I had my first MC 4 years ago and later had a little girl 2 years ago. Now I had a second MC and its all over again.

The NHS will routinely check 3 recurring MC which is not my case , but being 41 now I don't know if I have the will and the strength to keep trying naturally. At least, I will like to investigate a bit about it and try to find some answers.

I contacted the MC Association and they said I could contact my GP, I know he wont be willing to do anything (based on previous conversations I had with him) so I am afraid I need to look further.

Any ideas?


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Change GPs!! Find one you like!


Im sorry for your loss..Could you not see a different g.p in your practice? The fact your an older mum they do help quicker so if you could get a more understanding g.p maybe they could refer's awful when you don't get an understanding g.p they just end up delaying the process for you, I hope you get things sorted and have a happy healthy pregnancy ASAP x


Sorry about your loss, is it possible for you to change GP's? Think you need to find one that is abit more sympathetic and understanding than the one you have.


My sister had Ivf which was successful first time, they are in Guildford, is that near you? So sorry that you have had another miscarriage.

Have you been told about the wonders of baby asprin (75mg) per day to Help prevent miscarriages, if not read about it, myself (35 weeks) is on baby asprin daily and my sister who just had Ivf was put onto baby asprin. As soon as she started treatment and he is now four months old :)


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