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Baby on the move

I am 21 weeks 1 day today. Yesterday on waking i noticed that i can feel movement in different places to usual and my bump has changed shape! During my 20 week scan (at 19w 5d ) baby was lying in a transverse position and i was feeling most foot/hand movement near my hips. Now i feel these above my belly button and in my bladder region! Not sure, but I suspect baby is head down due to the increased pressure in my lower pelvis. I don't know if the little one has taken this position early and plans to stay there for the next 19 weeks or so...exciting times :-)

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Bump's contents will keep changing position! When I had my last growth scan (28/40), head was firmly wedged against my liver, emergency scan 4 days later when i was admitted, head wedged in bladder! Have another scan today - arse currently down, but who know where Flump will be at Scan-o-clock! Do long as head is down when Flumples engages, I'll be happy!!


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