Need Help ASAP!!!

Been feelin queasy n nauseous lately,even as I type it's there and no food seem to appeal to me,normally if my period is to set in it should be btw yesterday n Tuesday so still waitin sort of bt hopin it won't come,,just wantin to know if there is anything I can use to ease myself,I can't eat n don't even hv the appetite tho am hungry only ate since mornin,all I could take in again is an unripe plantain chip n diet coke,been takin water n drinks tho bt am nt just gettin myself,anyone to help to get some relief pls

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try dry biscuits/crackers or some toast with no butter. If u feel rubbish stay away from dairy just try and keep urself hydrated, I ate a lot of ice lollies as I didn't want a drink as such x

Kk,wil try dt nw hope it goes down well tanx

apparently ginger biscuits are good for stopping nausea :)

Stem ginger biscuits and ginger (non-alcho!) beer :) x

Oh! Tanx wil try dt too,tanx ladies

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