So itchy the last couple of days

Yesterday I felt a bit itchy on my legs and face and today I feel the same my legs I scratched til they are sore and my face feels tingly things are crawling on it. .i do suffer from excema but have been keeping on top of it and never have it on my face.. Maybe it's just where it's hot today. . Anyone else felt like it?

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  • Hiya.Eczema often worsens during pregnancy, though some women find that their condition actually improves.If your itchiness is just from your skin stretching or being dry, these simple measures may be enough to give you some relief:

    Avoid hot showers and baths, which can dry out your skin and make the itching worse. Use mild, unscented soap (some scents can cause irritation) and be sure to rinse the soap off well and towel off lightly.

    Take an occasional warm oatmeal bath. (You can buy oatmeal bath preparations in drugstores.)

    Slather on unscented moisturizer after you've showered or bathed.

    Try putting cool, wet compresses on itchy areas.

    Avoid going out in the heat of the day, since heat can intensify the itching.

    Wear loose, smooth cotton clothing.

    If you are extremely itchy, these measures alone will likely not be enough to give you adequate relief. Talk to your midwife. You may need topical or oral medication, or both.hope that will help but if you develop severe rash,you definitely need to contact your dr as it could be something to do with your liver.xx

  • Thanks. .I have been using aqueous cream to wash with and have used some Steriod cream... But even though I have patches of excema on the tops ofmy legs my face just feels like I've got ants crawling on my face and in the bottom of my legs. . Think I will have to go g.p I'm going to have to write a list this rate but thanks neska x

  • Get checked out Hun, there a condition that causes itchiness,something to do the the liver, often appears third trimester. Xxx. Have you to a rash?

  • No no rash... Just constantly feel itchy but it's only face and legs. . Thanks I'll call my g.p thismien to mmake app x

  • I had severe itching for several weeks of this pregnancy which is now settling. It seemed to get worse at night time and I would wake with red marks on my skin where i had been scratching in my sleep. I mentioned it to my midwife as skyueboston suggested you to do as a simple blood test can rule out anything more than dry sensitive skin. Bloomin hormones!! They are looking for obstetric cholestasis. Hope I've spelt that right! Best to get checked but as its not that common it's more likely to be the effects of those pesky hormones. Good luck and I hope you get some relief from the itching xx

  • Hope its nothing to worry about.good luck abd let us know how you get on xx

  • I am more itchy at night as started with my head itching thought i might have nits at one point! ..will be seeing dr later thanks x

  • Im 15+wks and get very itchy all over body "only usually during the night though" there"s no rash but its just very annoying.

    hope its nothing to worry about. xx

  • Dr sent me for a blood test said it is early for me to get it and I dont look jaundiced but to be on safe side. . I'm still itchy but only at night! ! Driving me nuts. . Gave me an inhaler for my asthma but doesn't want to give me the becotide just yet...

  • Hi did you find out if it was cholestasis??? Interested as I have had it before in my pregnancies and looks like I have it again in this one xxxx

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