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34 weeks 4 days update

34 weeks 4 days update

Hi lovely ladies of NCTi hope each and everyone of you are enjoying your pregnancies as much as you can for some we haven't long left and for some the journey just starts. Here's my update.

I met my new doctor today as my previous has returned to the uk :-( but my new doctor is lovely makes you feel very at ease we had a very good chat and all is well.

We went through notes previous births. I had my anti D injection ... Ouch it really is a pain in the ass ;-)

she checked for any swelling .. All fine.

Urine check.. All fine

blood pressure... All fine

Weight. ... Lost a kg

Scan... Head down but not engaged.

Outcome growth scan on 2nd June to Evaluate baby's size... If any one can shed light I'm all ears.

We also discussed being induced as my friends are all leaving dubai come first week of July for vacation during summer hols. I've no family here until my mum arrives on the 8th July so doctor has agreed to do a sweep at 39 weeks @19th June and if no show the induction on due date :-) I'm a happy lady. Make life easy to plan for with people around to watch my other two children.

My bump is happily moving all the time it feels huge but dosnt look it apparently... (People being too nice ) lol. I'm tired but mainly cos I'm quite busy, the weeks are flying by too. So potentially 5 weeks .... Eek excited. Xxx

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All positive things great to hear and not long to go now all the best xx


Thank you babymother I'm quite excited now, having some vivid dreams about giving birth from the midwives perspective very surreal. X


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