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Flying in early pregnancy?! Don't know what to do :/

7weeks pregnant after 3 miscarriages. I'm ment to be going on holiday Tuesday to Spain, I've had a early scan at 5weeks and everything looked normal and I've got another tomorrow to see how it's doing, I was wondering if anyone flew during early pregnancy and was ok?? I am experiencing nausea (really bad) so I'm a little bit on two ways here, weather to go or not! Help!!

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i have flown twice around 3 month mark but others fly in early stages its funny as i was just on sky news and they had a link from the portland hosp about flying. it did say something about taking 75mg of asprin but i dont know about that! ..i would see your g.p tmw just for reasurrance, spain is only a couple of hours..just keep well hydrated if you can get up for a wee for a few times just to keep you moving, keep exercising your feet moving your ankles and by the time you have done all that it will prob be time to land...ive flown to india with a 15 month old and being 3 months pregnant on my own 12 hour 2 hours is fine, just take it easy, have a lovely time xx


i flew from mid east to uk the onto barbados and all way back again at 8/9 weeks was tiring and all was ok drink plenty and move plenty xx oh get yourself some sea bands in boots a fiver... work a treat xd


I flew couple of times to Europe in my first trimester and also recently to Greek Islands for a holiday between my 28th and 30th week (and there was another pregnant women in the resort who was same wks as me).

My first trimester flying was not so convenient (had a bad seat - the plane was really old during one time and was literally making squeaking noise near to emergency exit and the third time I was just too tired for lack of sleep)

My third trimester flying went like a feather,

- I used sea-bands (available at Boots for around 6 pounds)

- had knee length flight socks (again at boots for around 12 pounds)

These two would help your blood flow normally at high altitude and prevent any chances of blood clotting in you or the little one

- A neck pillow (took a cheap one from pound store and it was pretty good)

Ofcourse helps you sleep and also can be used to dig your ears in to avoid ear-popping, the ones at Pound store are filled with little beans so they are more convenient if you want to tuck your ears in.

(also can use ear-plugs) I forgot mine at home

- Lots of water - you want to be hydrated during the take off and landing

- I walked around the plane (even if i had to disturb the aisle passenger as the seat was already taken in the rows with more leg space)

and yup although coffee is not good during pregnancy, I did take 2 cups of coffee during my third trimester and that really helped me (that feeling of energy and freshness in body is bliss) - you can try having some tea-bags handy or a De-caf coffee as you are in your first trimester.

Also I dont have a history of MC so probably it was more easier with me - flying is not really harmful but you have to take your own call and definitely see your GP atleast a day before you fly and make sure your BP and baby are alright.

And if you decide to go - have fun in Spain ! a little bit of sunny summers can do wonders to a pregnant body (I came back to UK full of energy and NO pelvic griddle or back pain - although it has started to re-appear again, but I was amazingly fit and healthy under the Sun :D )


I had a bleed in early pregnancy with my 1st and everything was ok on the scan so 12 weeks I think it was I went to Canaries on holiday. You will be o.k to fly. Just get yourself out there and enjoy yourself.


I went to New York at 11 weeks pregnant and was fine.

I was recommended to wear flight socks and drink plenty of fluids.

I was still pretty sicky at this point so had to deal with that whilst away but didn't want to not go to NYC.

I would go but just take it easy, relax and get some Vitamin D, it's good for you and the baby ;-)



doctors/midwifes recommend not to fly under 12 weeks and over 28 weeks.

this is because most misscarriges happen before 12 weeks and incase you go in to early labour after 28 weeks, they say the flight is harmless.

if everything looks fine in scans and you feel fine im sure that you will be fine as long as you take it easy, I would speak to your midwife to see what they say. but go with what you think will be best for yourself,

oh & another thing some people don't even know that they are pregnant till a lot further on and I bet a lot of people fly and are fine, take care


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