Phew - slight bleed upsets a stress free Sat !

I never understood until today, how much the slightest thing can turn your insides upside down and the hair on the back of your neck bristling...

My wife who has had a blessed first 12 weeks of trouble free pregnancy - started to bleed.

Only lightly but enough for the first panic of our pregnancy.....

We haven't got kids nd, both of us being over 40.... This obviously gave my wife a massive shock nd an impending mc ahead lots of tears!

She managed to get a check up at jimmy's in Leeds and just a couple of hours later they followed it up with a scan - to our absolute amazement there was the wee baby moving sbout and heart beating happily !

A massive thanks to the caring an understanding team at jimmy's - and to my wife who was so scared... Then so relieved ... And so amazing.

We are re assured for now and after a set back are ready and stronger for the next....

My thoughts go out to you all who have the panic brought on by bleeding x rob x

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It Def does make u panic I'm glad hear everything is Ok. . People can btush of that bleeding happens in pregnancy but it shouldn't and Any bleeding is bloody scary because u take it as a sign that something is wrong. .. Big relief for u guys happy for u xx

thanks for the message

Glad to hear everything is ok:) pregnancy so far for me has been scary, I have five weeks left and can't wait to finally hold him :)

good luck ... wish we only had 5 weeks left...feel like we're holding our breathe

Glad they were able to see you and get it sorted so quick with a scan, some ladies have to wait days to be reffered for a scan after a bleed in some hospitals which is ridiculous.

I bleed through my 1st pregnancy and bleed with this one (my 3rd), it isn't nice but a big refleif when you can get seen.

Hope you and your wife have a happy pregnancy from now with no more scares.

thank you

Tell me about it ! I know the feelings of anxiety is very horrible but you will never be at ease until the little pumpkin finally makes its way in the world. Just keep positive and have hope which is the anchor of our faith. Pregnancy can be a difficult journey for some people including myself who is 43 and still trying and hoping to have a child, but the creator is the one that twines us in the womb and who has the power to see us through, so I am trusting Him for mine one day, hence I don't allow my age to be a factor as doctors do.

i will have my fingers crossed for you.... we never thought it would have naturally for us .. so never say never

So pleased to hear that everything is alright with Mum and baby :)

Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy. And Congratulations too!

thank you

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