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C section?

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Hi ladies.just wanna ask if any of you decided about having c section because of non medical reasons?how does it work?i mean do you need to be reffered to the consultant or other proffessional?i read that from 2011 pregnant women can ask for it...i'm so scared of giving birth and that was the reason why i waited 9years to have second child.first child was born naturally but i was in labour for 26hours and me and my son were very poorly after.i thought after so many years i'll be ok but i remember everything like it was yesterday.i cant sleep and stop thinking about it. I've still got 13weeks left but the time will soon come.i dont know who to talk to cos my midwife doesnt understands :( and this pregnancy wasnt great from the start so i'm worrying even more.i know every labour is different but i just know i cant do it naturally...:(

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You should ask to speak to ur consultant.. It's them who ultimately make the decision and if u went thru a traumatic time then they can look back at ur notes. ..u have to do what's right for u and if ur going to get more stressed the closer you get them that's not good for u...I was told by an anesthestist sorry wrong spelling... That u can get post traumatic stress from traumatic labours... When I experience too much pain my body goes into shock. . When I had last child they were trying to get the epidural in but the sweat pouring off of me they couldn't do it they kept getting towels and trying to dry my back the anesthestist kept asking if I was ok which I was I wasn't panicking or anything. . And last year I had an op and screamed for 2 hours after they woke me up which I have no recollection of but I am no good with pain now. .. so I know how it can affect u.. Don't suffer in silence ring up the hospital and leave a message with your consultants secetary... hope you get it sorted xx

If the thought of a vaginal birth really worries you to the point of fear then its definetely best to speak to your midwife or consultant about it.

I've never had a C-section myself but what ive heard from several woman (both on this forum & some i know) is the recovery time is just as hard with a vaginal delivery because your movement is restricted for at least 4wks (to help the stiches heel faster) which also entitles you to need someone with you for most of the first week after birth.

I can definetely understand what your feelings are as when i was giving birth to my son the on-duty midwife decided to break my waters "probably because he was already overdue" then 9hrs later (after already been in labour for 7hrs) had't to give me an a epistomy with also the assistance of forceps. The midwife made a comment which i believe was asking an consultant whether id require a blood tranfusion.

He's 4yrs old now & remember everything like it was last week but when i think about the recovery for a C-section i would rather do it naturally again.

Thanks Babymother for your advice.it looks like you didnt have a great time as well.if not my labour i think we would probably have three kids by now.i even thought about adopting a baby few years ago but it was a long way to go thorugh all the legal things.i'm happy to be pregnant now but also so scared.with my son my pregnancy was so easy and enjoyable.just the labour wasnt.it was the most terrible day in my life...apart from hearing my son crying after 6minutes of being born.my waters broke and i had contraction straight away.i was also 10cm dilated quick but my boy didnt move.i can remember my midwife telling me of for not pushing propely. But she hasnt noticed that he moved around so his face was the other way.my partner after 25hours called the dr as she wasnt believing me that something is not right.when the dr came,he actually told her off for not calling for help as i could've have my son straight away with his help.i couldnt walk or move cos my back was hurting so much.i had 2epidurals before the dr came but they didnt ease the pain.and when at the end they used ventouse(not sure if i spelled it right) and i couldnt feel anything thats was great.my son was born and i didnt even notice that they had to do cpr!how bad was that!lucky he started breathing and crying after a while.he's healthy now.the only thing he got to remind me about my labour is strawberry mark on his face which finally after 9years is fading.i've lost loads of blood then and needed 2transfusions.and we stayed in hosp.for a week.thats why i'm so scared and maybe thats why me and my boy are so close.i will ring consultant and hopefully i'l get some help xx

I complained about my 3rd labour and pals intervened contacted my consultant and they wetter fantastic. .. my 4 labour was the best ever and restored my faith but still can't help not being able to handle pain now..

Oh bless that made me feel well choked up... That sounds awful and so scary. .you Def need to speak to ur consultant.... hope they can sort it for u, pls let me know how u get on xx

Thanks Abenaa.i'm not affraid of the pain after c section.i know i'll be restricted after but i survived operation when i was 7weels pregnant and couldnt use any painkillers then or do simple housework for 8weeks as my scars and muscles seemed to be taking ages to heal.when i had my son they done epistomy and it took me weeks before i could normally function.i'm just sh...myself thinking about it...:(

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Yeah, after my epistomy i felt as if i couldnt ever walk properly again. But wow, you mentioned you had a operation at 7wks pregnant so you are confident you'll be able to deal with the pain

keep us posted hopefully an consultant will be able to acknowledge your fears & thoughts & offer you a C-section.


I will let you know how i get on with consultant xx good luck with yours pregnancies xx

Surely if you are that fearful of it then they can not refuse you. If they point blank refuse (which I dont see how they can) then have you looked into possibly having a private birth? I would seek further advice from the hospital midwifes if your community midwife isn't listening to you. Just ring the hosp switch board and ask to be put through to the Antinatel unit to speak to a midwife. I am sure they will help you.

You seem to appreciate what a huge operation a c-section is, which is important. Will you have ready access to help after - you may struggle with managing baby: no heavy lifting for 6 weeks, no driving (as you can't to an emergency stop - the pressure can rupture your sutures/scar) etc.

If I'm delivered at 37 weeks, I'm opting for an elective Ceasar - with all the best will in the world a primip is not going to go into labour at 37 weeks with induction alone, and I would rather have a planned, safe elective procedure than risk baby getting stressed during the period of induction and bring wheeled off for an emergency section! My mum will be moving in!!

its gonna hurt after but i'm not scared of whats after..i dont drive yet just learning but that can wait..my partner is having a month of work and when he goes back to work my mum will stay with us for a liitle bit,then his mum.so i'll get help from them.i know my consultant will probably try to pressure me so i'll change my mind.but i'm gonna stick to it as there is no way i can give birth.if they wont let me then i'll have to find private clinic.as you said drFluffy it will save baby getting stressed and me as well.my son was distressed and cant forget that.loads of my friends say its the most beautiful moment when you in labour but to me was the worse experience of my life.

I had an elective c-section at 39 weeks. Explained my fears to the consultant about giving birth she was fully supported and agreed to the c-section. This was my first baby but had always had a fear of giving birth for as long as i can remember hence the reason I only tried for a baby later on in life and after being married over 16 years. People went on at me that the recovery period would be longer and you need extra support. Unfortunately because my husband started a new job he could only have the day of the birth off when I went home on the day 3 after the section i was essentially on my own. I had no problem caring for my baby or myself. By day 7 I didn't need any painkillers and I was driving by week 4 but in reality I could have started driving by week 3. I think all comes down to the individual I have quite a few friends who have all had sections and their experience was just like mine. Good luck hope you get the birth you want, best wishes x

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