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35 weeks, what are these pains I'm feeling?


35 weeks today and since yesterday I've been having period pain like cramping down below and the feeling like I need to empty my bowls all the time evn though when I go, nothing comes. It's almost constant and occasionaly get waves of more intense cramping. Wouldn't say it hurts more an uncomfortable feeling and occasionaly makes me go "oooo". Also, been having a bit of lower back ache for past few days and been having more braxton hicks. Not had a "show" or anything and my waters haven't broke so don't think it's the start of labour. Well, I hope not! This is my first baby and not really sure if I need to do anything about these symptoms or if theyr'e general pregnacy niggles.

Any input would be greatly appreciated as I'm finding it all a bit unsettling.

Thanks in advance :)


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Baby beginning to engage? Is breathing a big easier?


During the day it is, or when I'm sat up but at night when I'm led down It's still a bit of a struggle. I know that baby has been head down since I was 25 weeks and had an app on Monday and midwife seemed a bit surprised at how low down she was but didn't mention that she was engaged.

HHHHmmmmmm, sounds like all promising labour signs to me. I started labour at 36w with my first and thought I had a chill on my back so was laid up on the sofa on the Tues and then I had him on the Fri. Went to the midwife on the thurs as thought I was having Braxton hicks and she said 'no they are contractions'. Get in contact with your midwife and tell her she may be able to see you and feel your tummy.


Yeah sounds like it to me too!! :)

I am having my first in mid-June, so can't really help on whether it's labour I'm afraid, but just wanted to wish you all the best! How exciting :)

It sounds like one of 2 things, head fitting pains can be uncomfortable I'm going through the sane thing myself at the min. Or secondly it could be constipation. That can cause grippy pains. The head can be in the head down position for a while but generally properly engages towards the end of your pregnancy. It doesn't mean you'll go into labour but its helpful if the head is in there for when you do. Try taking paracetamol, a nice warm bath to take the pressure off and sleep with a pillow between your legs. Good luck x

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