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I'm 12 weeks and still feeling bloated and indigestion


Hi ladies, I don't know what to do anymore, I'm 12 weeks I thought by this time my nightmare will be over bt its not I've been feeling sick since 6weeks always bloated and stomach indigestion can't even sleep drinking hot water with lemon doesn't help and now I have this headache coz of unrestness, I can't take this anymore anybody pls help if can find something so that I can release this air coz I wanted to take lactulose my gynae said its not safe at this stage so I'm going nuts!

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I'm sure at 12 weeks lactolose is ok double check with your g.p it's pretty normal to feel like that I did but you should start to feel less bloated from now...I take syrup of figs I think it's quite good hope you start to feel better x

Thanks darling I'll even buy syrup of figs will do anything at this point, thank u so much

Lactolose is fine at your stage of pregnancy. Hope you get it prescribed xxxx

Thanks dear, I'll get it. Today on prescription even

I was on lactulose through out my pregnancy, it is safe. As it draws water from you to help soften the stool, you have to ensure that you drink extra water. See your gp and they should be able to help. If you get on your hands and knees and put your head to the ground, this reduces any pressure on the intestines and allows gas to travel easier and be passed. Granted not very dignified!

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