I'm 12 weeks and still feeling bloated and indigestion

Hi ladies, I don't know what to do anymore, I'm 12 weeks I thought by this time my nightmare will be over bt its not I've been feeling sick since 6weeks always bloated and stomach indigestion can't even sleep drinking hot water with lemon doesn't help and now I have this headache coz of unrestness, I can't take this anymore anybody pls help if can find something so that I can release this air coz I wanted to take lactulose my gynae said its not safe at this stage so I'm going nuts!

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  • Oh poor thing!i felt the same,extremely bloated and very very constipated the first few weeks!it went away by the second trimester I didn't take any medications...lemon water helped me.

  • I'm just praying bt I'm scared coz some other women says they get sick till the end of their pragnancy! I hope by the second trimester I'll be ok though, water with lemon doesn't help a bit, just bought lactose finally yesterday, hope it will hellp

  • Sorry to hear that, me I am 10 weeks and still feeling like you and me I am never the same one day I am bloated and the next I m vomiting and diarrhoea hope it goes fast but guess we have to wait.

  • I'm just wondering why is it always so painful being pregnant! I'm just waiting for my reward at the end of my third trimester though! Just hang in there gal we'll be happy at the end of the channel!

  • I've been very bloated since the start of my pregnancy due to very slow digestive transit and an enormous fibroid. Then last weekend I started being able to go the loo again. I was 13 wk+2, so your symptoms might be over very soon (thinking positive). Have you phoned the midwife as they might be able to give you some tips. Have you got trapped wind indigestion or acid? Some of the ladies said they had to eat something, like a biscuit, before they got out of bed to stop the nausea. I hope you start feeling better very soon. xx

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