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Preclampsia scare

For the last two weeks protein has shown in my urine, feeling a bit light headed and a headache plus swelling in feet, hands, ankles and a little round my face:/

so had a blood test and tonight I'm now in the labour ward being monitored coz my bloods and urine are abnormal!

they suspect Preclampsia!

34 weeks three days nearly there please body hold on :)

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U have been thru it girl haven't u! Keep us informed hope ur Ok x


Awww :-(. I get out, you go in. Hope you're OK. At least you and bump will be we'll monitored, and they get you to 37 weeks.

Get someone to get you some ear plugs - trust me!!! The screams of labour 24 hours a day means getting much rest is difficult. Xxx


Awwwh! At least your being monitored (just like DrFluffy said). But i wouldnt usually class your above symptoms as the signs of pre-clampsia. Neverless i hope the baby is still okay, try & get as much rest as you can.



So far after a restless night sleep, a women who snores like I have never heard in my life!

I thought I would update you a bit!

Urate in my blood

Protien in my wee

Lukarites in my wee( don't think I spelt it correctly)

Blood pressure was high but seems to have Come down a bit

Baby very active :)

Swelling(odema) is still present

Headache is still in the background

Getting my results from the bloods and internal they did at 11pm last night, then from this a plan of action will be put into place:)

I'm starving! And even though I have been here since 7pm I was not offered a hot drink, so 5am this morning I though sod it and asked, yummy a nice cup of tea:)

Staff are fab and helpful, but one crucial mistake was from a doctor, she came into my cubicle asking lots of questions, writing bits down, then started talking about stuff that did have anything to I with me, oops she had the wrong notes! Surely you can do better than that!

I'm making this my practise run, next time I will bring my own pillows, and tea in a flask.



HOORAR! Im glad everything's okay. Hopfully you'll be able to get discharged really soon. As you dont have long to go now im guessing the next plan of action will may be to give you a option to be induced in a few weeks time.




Yeah that would be brilliant, roll on 37 weeks, and maybe I will be induced, I just can't wait for my body to return toa healthily state :) but alo can't wait to meet my little man :)


This will probably be the Longest 2/3wks of your life then. Haha

Hope all goes well xx


The best thing about my admission is I know all the ward specific things I'm going to need for my maternity bag!!! That, and I know a lot of my visitors will be able to take the p!ss a bit when it comes to visiting hours!!! The food was terrible, and only one hot drinks round a day with breakfast, but given that was proper filter coffee (full caff!) and not machine crap, I was happy!!

How high was your urate? Have they told you what your liver function tests, haemoglobin and platelets are? Are they doing a 24 hour urine collection on you? Ask if they've sent something called a urinary PCR (protein:creatinine ratio) - which is a halfway house between a urine dip and full 24 hour collection.

If things are 'stable' and your BP isn't too high, they may send you home with lots of monitoring trips back to ANC and induce at 37 weeks. Another preg girl I know had her waters break nearly two weeks ago at 30 weeks, and after a week on the ward, she's on antibiotics, had her first two doses of strroids, goes to labour ward every other day, two weekly growth scans, and they plan to deliver her at 35 weeks (she was one of my fave visitors, brought me nail polish as a gift! Helped kill an hour!!) If my BP returns to pre sepsis levels (and I'm sure it will) I'm being induced at 37 weeks (being admitted before if it's very high). One of the most 'amusing' things about my admission was the morning the midwive told me I was 'very lucky that my blood pressure was so good'... My systolic was 100 mmHg and I was still fairly floridly septic...!!

The one thing I'm really missing about being an in patient is my daily CTG and getting to hear Flump's heart beat every time I had my obs done... :-)

Hope you are ok and get to break out soon! Xxx


Ohhh let us know what they say, in my hospital I know how short staffed they are so I just help myself. . Food.. drink.. bedding been in there so many times lol.. hope ur feeling ok.if your going to be staying in for s few days u can't u ask for a private room.. At least it get some decent rest! Thinking of you xx


Hi, sorry to hear about your scare! Fingers crossed for you that it's not pre-eclampsia and you get to go home soon - either way you're in the best place and it sounds like you're being taken care of.

Just in case it is pre-eclampsia, and by way of reassurance, my mum had pre-eclampsia in her last pregnancy. She had a 10 day stay in hospital and was induced at 37 weeks where she gave birth to a perfectly healthy baby with no complications at all.

Sending healthy vibes! X


Just be cheeky and ask for drinks etc your entitled to a drink, in the hosp I go to they have got a tea & coffee stand my the sister station with a notice on. Let us know how you get on, hope everything goes well for you.


Ok sooooo I'm being let out now:)

This is what the doc said, I am borderline per-eclampsia, she is certain I will turn per-eclampsia but not sure when!

Blood pressure has come down but still borderline, I must go to the materninity assessment unit on Monday to be monitored and tested again,

If my levels raise again then they will give me a c-section between now and 37 weeks, after this an induction.

Haven't got my urine results back yet, but on Monday they will have them.

Just a Waiting game me thinks! Typical when I left the ward I felt fine, but after standing and getting to a cab I now feel all swollen up and faint! Wtf?

Thanks Dr Fluffy and everyone's nice words of encouragement :) let you know Monday what happens :)



Oh good.

Lets hope your blood pressure does not get too high again over the weekend. Im sure the hospital staff are confident you & baby will be fine or they wouldnt have discharged you today.

Im sure you may not have considered having a C-section but it may be the safer option to take.

If your waters were to break between now & Monday will they consider going ahead with a VB or not?

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, lets hope they'll have some good news for you on Monday.


Take it easy as much as you can & stay strong Im sure you & baby will be fine whatever the outcome.



So sorry to hear you've been unwell. At least they've let you out. Fingers crossed you can rest up until baby comes for real. Take care of yourself & I hope things stay stable for you. Xx


Hi Skyblueboston.

They are looking after you well, and will keep monitoring you even if you at home. Pre-eclampsia runs in my family - all the women seem to get it! they are so much better at monitoring it, and handling it than they used to be. And you have made it to 34 weeks which is great, I know more time is always preferable, but you can take comfort from being 34. My nephew was 2 and a half pounds when he was born, and I think he was about 10 weeks early. He's totally fine, they took brilliant care of him and my sister, balancing what was best for both of them, and that was 19 years ago - so think of how much more they have learned to do in the last 19 years. Feet up, & get everyone else running round after you! Thinking of you.


Good luck Skyblueboston! As the others said, I'm sure they wouldn't discharge you if they were really concerned. Still, if you start to feel worse over the weekend, I wouldn't wait until Monday to go back. xx


Just read through all the comments you've had it tuff lovely... I hope you get to delivery with no preeclampsia my fingers and toes are crossed for you. Make sure you are resting its vital, let us know how it goes on Monday have a chilled weekend. (Hugs)) xx


Hope your ok your in the right place, same thing happened to me in my last pregnancy again 34weeks also. I went to routine midwife appointment feeling fine, she took my blood pressure said it was high rang the maternity ward and from that day forward I was in and out for over a week. Started with high blood pressure within a day it was protein in urine, flashing lights in my eyes, headaches swelling you name it I had it, its awful but at least your in a place they can monitor you and keep an eye on everything. Just try not to stress out or do anything eat well and drink plenty. I had my little girl delivered by section 5 weeks early due to Preclampsia at a weight of 4lb 3oz but she was absolutely fine and within 4 days we were at home... Hope everything goes alright good luck xx


Oh 1 more thing keep an eye on the babies movements if you can keep a log, if you think movement are alot fewer than normal make sure you go back in and get checked. xx


Thanks ladies your brilliant xxxxxx


I had pre-eclampsia with my first and ended up on beta blockers with my second, am now 29 weeks with number three and literally hold my breath whenever I have my bp taken.

I think that at 34 weeks you can relax, the baby is perfectly formed and would be absolutely fine if it had to come a little early. They left me too long with my first and I ended up spending three days in high dependancy with kidney failure and a new baby to look after. The most important thing is that you are both healthy.

Try to get as much rest as possible, easier said than done in a labour ward I know.

The truth is that there is nothing you can do to alter the situation, so take the medical advice on offer and look forward to meeting your baby.


Hey Skyblueboston, have just seen your post. Sorry to hear that things have been tough for you and that they have said you will have preclampsia at some point. I'm sure whatever happens (section or induction) they will make sure you and little man are okay.

How ironic, I was at the hospital today from 9.30 till 12.00 for physio as having major pelvic problems (so I totally hear you on wanting your body to return to a healthy state) and all the while you were on the ward. I could've come n said Hi. All the best for Monday xx


Lol that would ave been funny :)


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