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Feeling sick recently

Recently I have noticed I feel nauseous frequently,can't eat up to what I eat as I may end up throwing up,frequent headache,serious bloating,backache is not left out,my breast has been sore before my ovulation and it is now increasing by the day,can't lean on my stomach either to pick up anything or wear my shoe due to cramps,it's been difficult,when I wake up early in the morning I feel nauseous,climbing the stairs is now a difficult task as my legs ache,sometimes it's insomnia sometime I sleep like a log of,I seem to be fluctuating as somedays I am very hungry and some I'm not....I can go on and on....yes I know this could be preg symptoms but I just want some reassurance,been ttc for months nw,hope this comes out real

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Have you definetely took a pregnancy test?

If so what was the result. These are definetely signs of pregnancy.


Hiya, you were asking the same question a few weeks ago! The only way you can tell is via a pregnancy test.

Some of your symptoms sound promising, good luck :)


Yes u ryt bt i believe dt was due to my ovulation as i felt it occured durin dt tym tho hv been havin sex frequently,my period is meant to be btw nxt sunday to tuesday bt decided to do a test today. Used sainsbury's digital it came bk negative bt ejected d catridge wit anger almost immediately and found two lines on is tho one fainter dan d oda bt dont know if i shuld read meanin to dt bt i tink i will wait til dis tym nxt week and try again hopefully there wil be changes as i dont pray to dsee dis tin called 'period' againn till nxt yr wen i put to bed,serious trustin dt God has done it dis tym as i dnt want to be disappointed again....tanx


With a digital test when you eject the stick there will always be two lines so don't pay attention to it, the result will be whilst the stick is in.

I hope you get pregnant soon, I know how frustrating it is, it took me seven years to get pregnant :)


Ok....tanx,hv actually thrown it aside tho,i'll calm and kip tryin,hoping it happens soon...tanx once again


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