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Am I Pregnant?

I've been having pregnancy symptoms for a couple of weeks now. My cycle is 24 days regular and is currently 3 days late. Me and my fiance are trying for a second baby as we have a 15 month old daughter and I have previously had four miscarriages. I have taken four pregnancy tests but all came up negative. This has happened before and it was 13 weeks before I got a positive result but I mc at 18.5 weeks. My daughter was 8 weeks early but I had an instant result of positive at 4 weeks. I am planning on waiting a week then going to my doctor. I have been stressing a bit recently but when I stress my period is usually early by a few days or they come every 14 days. As this hasn't happened I know it is definitely not down to stress. I was just wondering what people would recommend. I have headaches and morning sickness. I've become addicted to garlic & onion dip and tuna and gone off chocolate. I've also had quite a bit of heartburn which I have only ever had whilst pregnant.

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I'd go to ur g.p and get them to do ur bloods.


I agree, book an appointment with your G.P as soon as u can so they may be able to give u a blood test.

I know at times G.P's can be as useless as a rock sometimes but they may be able to give you a more solid answer.



I agree book a app with gp and ask for a blood test as your hcg levels will tell you the answer. I did a home pregnancy test on 15th feb and it was negative but I am now 17 weeks pregnant so something doesn't add up, maybe my hcg levels were low I dont know or cheap test.


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