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DCC - Delayed Cord Clamping


So, having read a few articles about DCC recently, I thought i'd put a blog out there to see what you all think?

A little about myself - I am 33 weeks tomorrow, 1st baby, 1st pregnancy. I must be one of the lucky ones as I have had a fantastic pregnancy, no symptoms, no problems or complications other than a cervical polyp which has an occasional bleed! In all honesty I love being pregnant and time has literally flown by, just hope the last few weeks go as well and the birth too! I have to admit as each day passes im getting more and more nervous about giving birth!

I saw my midwife on Saturday to do my brith plan, fantastic to catch up and express any worries or concerns and get some ideas about what I do and do not want and also discuss options that didnt even cross my mind!

I mentioned to her about DCC when we discussed who would be cutting the cord, at this point, Hubby went a little off colour - not sure he will be up for it! DCC Is something I was very interested in, having done a fair bit of reading, I fugured surely this process makes sense?

To my delight my midwife informed me that its actually now hospital protocol unless Mum objects to it! I was so surprised, articles I have read all indicated that some hospitals could be a bit funny about it and it was pretty much dependant on who delivers the baby! I live in Sheffiled so maybe its different around the country? any way, I was told that they certainly leave it for 2 - 3 minutes, and if all goes well with the birth and there are no complications, they will leave it for a good 15 mins or until it stops pulsing!

For me, this is fantastic news and im so happy this is now the norm where I will be giving birth, but thought id see what everyone else thought about this.... Are you like me and are for it, or do you object to it?

Love to hear from you..

:o) xx

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DCC is in my birth plan, along with being a breast milk donor, if I'm able.

If for any reason DCC isn't possible, I'm donating the cord blood.

Dcc is a great idea, makes sense to me, not sure if I can due to gestational diabetes, his sugars may be too low! But if I can I will :)

I was also thinking of it - in week 30 and still sometime to plan out :) so would wait and see - so far no complications !

Defiantly makes sense and I'm glad its protocol now in all hospitals. However this won't apply if baby is a little sleepy or needs attention straight away. So we have to be open minded. Both previous births cord has been round neck and both was quickly cut free and rubbed down. My doctor discussed this with me at my last appointment and its the first I heard. S I read up on it and thought this should always be allowed. Same with the placenta. I asked for the injection to speed up delivery but doctor isn't keen I've had it twice before and was great didn't feel or see placenta. So I'm wondering why they not interested. My question for Sundays app. X

I think it's a really interesting idea, which makes perfect sense to me. It was something on my radar when I had my first baby but I didn't look to closely in to it. I plan to do a bit more research this time. Do you happen to know if DCC is a viable option with a water birth? I only ask as the pool wasn't somewhere I'd really want to stay for long post-delivery (it was a bit of a mess last time!) so I'd have to look in to how practical an idea it is.

Good for you for getting it in to your plan, and don't worry about your husband - he will have seen plenty more weird and wonderful things by the time you get to the third stage so probably won't bat an eyelid ;-)


Im so pleased everyone is in agreement on this subject! makes me even happier about the decision! regards to the water birth, im not sure, i discussed water birth as part of my plan and she didnt say anything about it not been possible but see what you are saying... how were your births previously in water, im going to try it if its available! Love the idea of donating the blood if DCC is not possible Dr Fluffy! ill certainly work that into my plan too now! x

dons88 in reply to Hidden

I loved the water, would definitely recommend giving it a go as if it isn't to your liking you can just get out! Wait as long as you can before you get in so that you can really feel the benefit.

It sounds like you're doing lots of homework on all your options so I'm sure you'll end up having a lovely experience. Not long now, good luck! X


Yeah I hope they will do this for me! I'd also like to donate our umbilical cord but don't think they have the facilities at my hosp, it's mad how so much changes x

I just had my first antenatal class and the midwife informed us that this was now a normal practice in our hospital too. I'll be honest, havent read of it before but seems like a good thing :-) x

I had to have a c-section, and for this reason they wouldn't allow this, due to my risk of bleeding, but I think had it been a normal risk free delivery it would have been fine. I'm in Coventry. Good luck with your delivery. Cx

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