Absolutely sh****ing myself! 35 + 2 and my waters broke whilst doing dinner last night, been in hosp overnight waiting for contractions to

Start, havnt slept a wink worrying if baby will be ok at this stage, she was weighing 5lb 3 at growth scan last week. Doctors are coming round this morning to discuss induction. Sorry im rambling on with nerves just wondered if anyone had had a baby at this stage? And what to expect?

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  • Ah don't worry I'm sure all will be Ok I started having contractions at 32 weeks and I remember them saying if I was 34 Weeks then theywould leave me to carry on but they used drugs to stop contractions. .. Have they given u steriods for lungs, I've had this and my daughter is fine, ohhh bit scary but exciting xxx

  • Wishing you good luck, and your baby should be fine at this stage:)

  • Wishing u luck x

  • How exciting, were your waters clear?? Did you have a pad on? Mine went at 36w with my first and were Green and gunky in my pad.

  • Yes, they were clear to be honest i thought i had wet myself! Doctor just been round if no contractions by 7 tonight they will induce me with hormone drip, so scared and excited at same time. Had no idea last night when i was making toad in the hole that i would be a mummy in 24 hours! Xx

  • I'm soo excited for you stay calm relax and take it as it comes. Best of luck Hunni can't wait to hear when you had baby xx

  • Yum, did you manage to eat it. Make sure you get lots of rest today if you dont manage to start off yourself into labour. Do you know what sexs your baby is?

  • Dont worry the baby would be fine at this stage - a lot of women in the world get their babies 4-5 weeks earlier than expected.

    And anyways babies are ready to come anytime after you are week 36 so dont worry about it :)

  • Good luck chelseabun! Your news has made me glad that, at 36 weeks today, I am finishing work tomorrow! How exciting. 5 pounds, 3 ounces sounds like a viable weight to me - I'm sure, as the others have said, that they won't bother trying to stop contractions at this stage! xx

  • Dont worry, babies are amazing little things! 35 + 2 he or she should be fine, a friend of mine want into labour at this time, her baby had stopped growing early on in the pregnancy, he was 2lb when he was born. he did so well, just a few weeks in hospital them home! (few weeks in hospital sounds ages but for a 2lb baby thats nothing!!) keep strong x

  • Thank you that's so reassuring just want her here now and safe, they are going to induce me at 7 tonight if contractions don't start, scared but excited take care xx

  • Oooooo hope it all goes well,remember the more calm and in control you are the more endorphins are released. Have you got your tens machine ready for early labour, if not get someone to boots or super drug to get one, tart using it one hour before you are induced :)

  • Chelseabun, I just want to reassure u that everything will be fine with both mother and baby. My friend's partner went into labour at just over 4 months and everyone thought the worst but she was and is perfectly healthy. She had to stay in hospital for a few months but she is now 7 years old and one of the brightest little girls I know! She was in the paper and everything at the time, they called her the miracle baby. U were able to fit her in the palm of your hand, she was so tiny but perfectly formed. I hope this has given you some reassurance, I am sure everything will go good for you and your little one, keep us updated, all the very best of luck, not that you will need it :) xx

  • Thank you so much that's really put our minds at ease , today is really dragging just want it to happen now, they are giving me a pessary at 7 to start me off. Take care xx

  • Good luck with everything, I hope your labour doesn't drag on for to long sweetie, let us know how it all goes and put up some photos of the little one when it's all over!. Best wishes to you your partner and your little bundle of joy! Take care, all my love xxx :)

  • All the best :) :)

  • It's induction time!!!! How ruddy exciting!! Hope it goes ok sweetie! I'm sure everything is fine with baby. I was 3 months premature at 1lbs and you wouldn't know it to look at me! ;)

  • Lol, a very healthily looking heart :)

  • How did you get on last night?? Was well thinking about you when I was sorting the horses out, it is so exciting.

  • Oh your so lovely thank you, had pessary at 8 managed 4 hours sleep, pains started at 8 this morning, just waiting for a room to become available on delivery suite, was not prepared for how boring hospital is lol! Fingers crossed she comes today. Take care xx

  • has she arrived yet?? hope all is well xx

  • Is she arrived yet I've just read this post hope your doing well!x

  • Chelseabun any news???

  • Daisy Belle arrived on the 18th may at 1.32 a.m weighing 5lb 14oz i had to have an emergency c section, it was horrendous but so worth it we are home now and she is amazing. thanks for all your support, lots of love x

  • hey hun dont worry this happened to me with my first. i went into labour 35 and 3days and my little girl weighed 5.8 and she also had a avsd which is a hole in the heart and she was fine. Try not to worry you are in the best place, there will just check her over and everything will be fine xxx

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