16 week appointment tmw will they listen heartbeat?

I will be 17 Weeks Fri.. can't remember if they listen to heartbeat. .I have thought what I felt were some flutters but not sure if it was wind and that was a couple of weeks ago haven't really felt much since and have been secretly a bit anxious about it and each day waiting for this appointment have felt more and more anxious thank god my app is at 9.30am cos u can be waiting up there 2 hours plus! So hoping I'll be one of the first ones in.... my consultant is brilliant. .. Just hope I don't break down and all my anxieties come spilling out!


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  • I heard HB for 1st time at the 16 week Midwife check....all the best for tomorrow and enjoy X

  • I heard the heartbeat at my 16 week check although I was nearly 18 weeks and have heard it 3 times since, but I do know of people that haven't had it done till bit later. I was really nervous b4 my apt as it had felt such a long time since my 12 week scan and the midwife took my bp b4 hearing the heartbeat and it was bit high but we heard the heartbeat and she took my bp again and it was normal. trust me once u hear tht heartbeat u will feel amazing. xx

  • I had my 16 week appt yesterday and yes heard the heart eat for the first time.. Was amazing! :-) enjoy !!

  • P.S I'm 17weeks on Friday too :-)

  • Ah Oct baby! Thanks girls... Looking forward to hearing it will be so relieved! ! X

  • i didn't have a 16 week appointment, was just a really early one then next one was when i was 22 weeks i heard my we baby boys heartbeat :D its a great feeling,

    this is my 3rd baby thats maybe how i didnt get 16 week appointment, got an angel Doppler just £21 from amazon & it is amazing i listening to my baby every second day , i can sit for ages listening & you even hear the sounds changing when baby is kicking about :) i would defo recommend :D

  • I have thought about it but I'm such a worrier if I couldn't pick it up id think the worst I have looked on amazon and argos and some days thought... rightI'm getting one but then I'm undecided so still thinking about it I suppose :)

  • I had my 16w app yesterday and we listened to the Heart beat. They do warn you before hand in case they cant hear it not to panic it just depends on where your placenta is lying to whether you can hear it.

  • Sitting here now waiting to go in!! Consultant running 45 mins late.. so nervous

  • how did it go?? did u hear it? xx

  • Yes all Ok she said I can have a natural delivery. . There was a concern as I had a bowel op and a mesh fitted 4 years ago but she spoke to top bowel dr and that's fine thank goodness. .. heard heartbeat but only quickly the doppler was very crackly but she was happy with it all so don't have to see her til 28 Weeks... Just looking forward to scan in 2Weeks! :)

  • Good news all round :-) x

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